Saturday, 16 February 2013

...hanging out in church halls (part 2)

Hello all

The little girl hanging out with her best pal in rainy town at the toddler group in the church hall.
Last time on the blog I was talking about the joy of hanging out in church halls with toddlers. Do you like that too?  Coincidentally, the lovely Sheila, who ran one of the toddler groups in rainy town was blogging about it  at Life with 4 bairns!  

As you'll recall, we have just moved to seaside town, and we've got five new toddler groups which we could go to, so the little girl and I are trying things out and seeing what suits us... here's the verdict so far:

Monday: There's a lovely toddler group on Mondays, at the Episcopal Church (that's the Anglican one for the English readers). Singing, drawing, healthy snacks, slightly odd woman with a recorder. Lots of fun and very welcoming, but, for us the toys, and clientelle are a bit young. My little girl is always going to be my littlest, but she's two and a half, and likes a bit more to do. We won't be going to this one regularly.

Tuesday: I've not been to the Tuesday toddler group! I'm not going either. It's probably lovely, but it clashes with Rhyme Time at the library. I love Rhyme Time/Baby Bounce/Tot Rock/whatever your library calls it. Books and singing. Can that actually be beaten? Fantastic. It's in the Google calendar.

Wednesday: Upstairs at the church next to the famous ice cream shop (and they're steep stone stairs) there is an absolute gem of a toddler group. Organiser, Jo, was really friendly and helpful, as were the other Mums. There is singing, craft (which was fantastic – Jo is amazing), stuff to play with, books, good snacks, and a good atmosphere. This will be a regular fixture.

Thursday: This was a toddler group in a massive church hall. There were lots of snacks, and the children weren't allowed a cup without a lid. No songs, but lots of things to do. A couple of people spoke to me. The little girl had a good time when she wasn't getting hit. It was a little (ahem) boisterous. I think that if it was for the boy I would go to this, but I won't be going again with the little girl.

Friday: All the Mums I have spoken to have told me that Friday's group is like Thursdays, so I'm not going. Instead I've booked the little girl into a gym class on Fridays. I think she'll love it – she's definitely a climber.

Our week is coming together. I think it's going to be fun. It's definitely different strokes for different folks. What do you like in a toddler group? Next time I'll give you an update on how the big kids are getting on at school since a few people have been asking. See you then.