Friday, 15 February 2013

...hanging out in church halls

Hello all

I have been hanging out in church halls, on and off, all my life.

When I was a little tyke my Mum used to take me to toddler groups, when I was a teenager I went to the rock disco at the Methodist hall (I know – living on the edge!), and since my first child was moving I've been going to toddler groups again... I didn't use them much to start off with, but, when we moved to sunny Suffolk they were a lifeline (special thanks to Val) – something different to do, an opportunity to meet new people, and a chance to have some fun together. Fabulous.

In sunny Suffolk, Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings were toddler times (plus amazing Baby Bounce on a Tuesday at the library), and when we moved to rainy town me and the girls would go to toddlers every Monday and Friday morning (sometimes Kenny went on Fridays), where we made lots of friends, had a supportive chat (special thanks to Margo), and had lots of fun.

So, the first thing I did in seaside town was look for a toddler group we could go to... I found five! Plus other things to do! My crikey, but we're in the big smoke now!

I figured the best thing to do would be to try them all out, and see how we got on. There's also a Rhyme Time group at the library, and various classes the little girl can do. We've only got a few months before she starts nursery, so we had best get ourselves out there.

Next time I'll let you know how we got on.