Wednesday, 27 February 2013

having a blether

Seaside town - nothing to do with the blog, I just like this pic.

Hello all, the little girl and I were at toddlers this morning, and we managed to get there in time for the introductory sing song, for the first time! She requested Sleeping Bunnies, and was rather befuddled when it was a different version than she's used to, but otherwise we knew all the songs, and it's great to start off in good voice! The favourite of the lass who ran the group was The Wheels on the Bus: The wheels go round and round, the wipers go swish swish swish, the horn goes beep beep beep, and the mummies go chatter chatter chatter.

It annoys me that the mummies go chatter chatter chatter, why can't the daddies do that?  Of course, when I lead the singing, the daddies do, but I can see how for toddlers mummies always do go chatter chatter chatter...  

It's fabulous that we are in a position wherein I can work as a full time Mum. We believe it's the best thing for our family, but it does mean that my husband has to work long hours, and I get to have the lion's share of my daily conversation with very young people, so when I get to talk to other grown ups, especially other grown ups in my situation, I grasp the opportunity!

This morning I was talking to other Mums about their families and their hobbies, loft insulation and heating bills, dance classes and gymnastics, and recovering from sprained ankles. In between biscuit negotiations, pirate burglars, and trampoline assistance. It was marvellous. But it did make me think...

I hate having a boss. It really doesn't work for me. I cannot abide being told what to do, so it seems to make sense for me to earn money for myself. The trouble is I have no experience of doing that! I enjoy writing, so we're going to see if I can make a go of that (any idea how?). I'm doing this blog to get practice for the factual stuff, and I'm also working on fiction (set around a place called Chaptershill).

So, what's that got to do with talking? Well, I'm coming to understand that I process ideas, gain inspiration, and maintain sanity through talking things over with people (mainly my long suffering husband, and, for family related stuff, my Mum and my brother - thank you all for maintaining my sanity). The little girl is going to be going to nursery soon, and I'll have more time for writing, but I'll also need to find new places to talk to people. I'm sure I can, but what's the best way to work for yourself, and also have plenty of chances to talk to people? Any ideas?