Monday, 18 February 2013

...on half term (part 1)

We had three days off school last week for half term. Kenny didn't have any time off so we were mainly hanging out in seaside town, but we had lots of fun (and just having extra days when you don't have to get ready for school is fun for me!).

Seaside town from the sea!
We had a nice day on Monday, on a day trip with Granny and Grandbob. We travelled on a ferry, and a bus and went to island town! The children loved travelling, and it was a beautiful day. Seaside town looked like somewhere in Switzerland from the island, with the hills topped with snow and the sun shining on the water. We had our lunch in island town and then played on the beach before coming back and going for a treat at the famous icecream shop! Yay! Little girl was tuckered out and fell asleep on the table, while the boy was beginning to get suspiciously rosy cheeks (see below - I think he looks really cute!)...

The next morning it was clear that the boy had got slap cheek (it looked much brighter than in this photo, with a lacy rash, and blotchy patches everywhere)! He didn't feel too bad, but the rash looked awful, and he had a bit of a temperature... apparently it's highly contagious, so the rest of us will have it soon (it's not bad for us, but you shouldn't go near pregnant, or maybe-pregnant women if you have slap cheek). 

Slap cheek is down in the book my English health visitor gave me as one of the common childhood illnesses, but I had never heard of it when I was little, and never come across it until there was a big outbreak of it in rainy town soon before we moved. When did slap cheek become common? Have you come across it?

More about what we got up to in half term next time.  Take care.