Tuesday, 19 February 2013

...on half term (part 2)

With the boy suffering from slap cheek, we spent Tuesday morning of half term playing games, making castles, fighting knights and monsters, and making things out of Hama beads, in our Pjs.  And then Granny came to take the children to her house for a change of scene – I still haven't got the hang of the easy, regular time without children, but I'm working on it! I went shopping, and while out Granny called and asked us to join them for tea! Yay! It was lovely to have our tea all together, and Uncle Neil and Auntie Ash were there too!  We all had a good laugh at the way I say bear (just like a regular English person).

Gone bowling
On Wednesday we went out bowling. It's nice to have a bowling alley in the town where we live, but it's a shame it had so many problems. It was £21 for a game for the four of us, but the girls couldn't really play as there wasn't a ramp for the balls (something they could have mentioned). Also, the ball machine would sometimes stop working, which would mean the lady in charge bowled a ball down (taking someone's go), and poked the machine a bit with a metal stick, and it generally started working again.   Also, sometimes the machine at the bottom knocked down skittles at the wrong time, and assigned random points. It was kind of OK, because all these glitches ended up with us getting more points than we would have otherwise (so the boy was happy), but I did feel hard done by (grump)... Me and the boy had fun but the girls were really fed up - they really couldn't play without a ramp, so I took them all out to the famous icecream cafe (there are other cafe's (lots of 'em), but the children reckon there's no point going somewhere else if you know there's one that's awesome) for a yummy lunch (with icecream for pudding – we voted the toffee fudge the best). In the afternoon we did nothing at all, and it was glorious.

Gutted that it was back to school on Thursday, but there you go. It wasn't long until the weekend, our first visitors, and our first trip to the local pool.  

Did you have a good half term?  What did you get up to?