Thursday, 21 February 2013

...talking about my Dad

Hello all, hope you've got some sunshine today?

When I moved over to 'Oh we do love to be...' from 'Looks like we're moving' I asked if there was anything anyone would like me to blog about. Well I did get some requests. Mostly asking for updates about the house and the kids, which I'm doing along the way, but there was also another one. Someone said that I'd mentioned friends, my brother, and my Mum, as well as Kenny's family, but what about my Dad? They're right, I've not mentioned him much, if at all, but then I've not mentioned my sister much either.

My Dad and I in the '70s
So, why not mention my Dad? Well, my parents divorced when I was a kid, and did 'shared parenting'. This is quite the thing with the British Government now, but then it was quite unusual.  How it worked out was that I'd be alternate school days at each house, and then alternate weekends.  I found it harder than my brother, but I think that's because I had more stuff.

I now speak to my Dad, by 'phone and email, probably more than anyone else in my extended family, but we don't see him as much as the other grandparents. There's nothing malicious or calculated about that, it's just that he doesn't enjoy small children as much as the other grandparents, and it's harder to visit his house with small children than the other grandparents (because the children can't touch much, although that is true for my Mum's house too!).

My Dad, and lots of other family at the
little girl's 2nd birthday party last summer
I'm not sure where I got this idea (probably Dad himself), but I've always thought that Dad was more interested in parenting teenagers than little kids. I'm hoping that when my children grow up a bit he'll find them more interesting (and vice versa), but I do wonder if the man who won't use a webcam, or join Facebook, will have an inkling of what my kids are talking about when they're in their teens. I also wonder if my children will be interested in getting to know this man who doesn't seem very comfortable with them now.

Hopefully at least one of them will appreciate his music, and you never know, one of them might want to learn the ukulele!

I hope they do come closer together as the children get older, because the kids will find him to be a thoughtful, funny, interesting man... as well as being a little bit *ahem* eccentric (which is always good in an Englishman).

Have you got one of the grandparents who's not so involved? I'm thinking divorce makes this more likely, but is that nonsense?

Let me know if there's something else you'd like me to blog about - I'm always open to suggestions.