Saturday, 23 February 2013

talking about my sister

A couple of days ago on the blog I was talking about my Dad, and thinking about him made me realise I'd not talked about my sister either.  Today I'm going to put that right!  She doesn't want me to, but that's probably because she's worried about what I'll say.  She needn't worry - I may not be able to stop myself from teasing her when we're together (bad big sister), but I do think she's awesome.

My sister and the boy in their matching
Christmas jumpers (thanks Mum)
My sister has a different Dad than me (my Mum remarried), and she's 13 years younger. Me and my brother must be pretty boring siblings for her as we're both married with young children, while she is building her career, and not married yet (although she's with a bloke who seems to have finally realised how fabulous she is, and is scoring plenty of Brownie points (where did that expression come from?)), and enjoying going out with her friends, wearing sexy clothes, and turning up at her parents' house for Sunday recovery breakfasts.

When I was her age I was doing pretty much the same thing, so it's a shame we're so far apart in age, as I think we've got a lot in common.

As you can imagine, she's busy, and she still lives in Gods Own County (ie Yorkshire), so we don't see as much of her as we'd like to, but when we do it's great fun. She mucks in  with the kids, and has loads of energy, and she's willing to engage in things that involve crawling about on the floor.

And messing about with the big girl
I hope she and her boyfriend come up and visit us in seaside town before too long. We'll take them out for ice cream, and maybe even go to an island on the ferry... plus she can shop in Big City on the way home. She thinks I judge her, and I do feel a bit motherly toward her – I love her to bits and want her to be happy. But I can remember what I was doing 13 years ago, and therefore judge not, lest I be judged (well, I try not to anyway)!

What's the age gap between you and your siblings? Do you all get to have more in common as you get older?