Tuesday, 26 February 2013

thinking about a cat

Hello all

My cousin (hello Katie) moved house on the same day we did, and is at a similar stage of unpacking, but, she's got chickens! Our little girl LOVES chickens, and we used to go to a lovely garden centre in rainy town at least once a week to say hello to the chickens (and Hamish the guinea pig, and Bob the dog). The little girl even got to feed them sometimes. We don't currently have chickens in our life, but we're thinking we might like a cat.

Kenny and I have both had cats before, but not for a while. We weren't allowed one in our rented house in rainy town, and the Cats Protection in sunny Suffolk didn't have any cats they wanted to inflict our family on. So now is the time!

No dogs, thank you
So, I've been in touch with the local Cat's Protection people, and we're going to be inspected on Thursday! They were even talking about a new cat who might be right for us! We'll see. I'm excited. It would be great to have a new member of the family, and one that doesn't talk back would be an added bonus!

My only real worry is that we don't have a cat flap. I don't fancy putting one in the front door, and the back door is glass. We could of course just open the door for the cat, but have you got any suggestions? Also, any idea how to stop a cat scratching our furniture (and the boy while we're at it)?

Maybe if we get a cat the girls will stop pretending to be yappy dogs all the time? That would definitely be worth it!