Sunday, 3 March 2013

building a house

Last weekend, much to my surprise, Kenny's Dad appeared on the doorstep with our playhouse. The children got the playhouse for their birthdays last year, and they have had a lot of fun playing in and around it, and we fully intended to put it into the garden here...

Playing in the garden at the old house, last summer
...but I didn't think we'd be putting it in yet! Our garden here is sloped, and needs landscaping before we can put everything where it's going to be. So I grumpily told Kenny's Dad we weren't ready for the playhouse, and he of course ignored me and got on with bringing it in. Kenny's Mum and I took the kids out swimming (and for lunch at the famous ice cream shop for a change), leaving the menfolk to it...

...when we came back, we had a playhouse! Where it's supposed to be! The men took the grass up, put in a concrete base, and the house looks fabulous. The kids have been out in the garden playing in it loads. It's not finished yet – Kenny's going to give it a new fancy felt roof and some other bits and bobs, to make it look even better, but it's got a temporary roof on, and I am mightily impressed.

The playhouse in its new position.  The men done good!
Maybe we should hurry up and get the rest of the garden sorted out?!  Any handy hints about landscaping?