Wednesday, 6 March 2013

getting sparkly

The big girl, you'll be glad to know, has had heaps of attention, and is feeling somewhat better.  Thanks for your support and advice.

I'm staying in today as it's FREEZING!  I've been focusing on the kids rooms in my efforts to make our house more homely, and recently I've been making progress.  I thought I'd give you an update.

First off, the little girl's room.  It's the first time she's had a room to herself, and we've got to make it totally lovely.  She likes birds and all things girly.  She's got pretty bird curtains, and nice wee girly furniture, but until this week she had blank white walls.  Now she's got my granny's old (incredibly heavy) mirror, and a whole wall of sparkly butterflies.  The idea with the butterflies is that they will catch any bad dreams before they get to the little girl.  It worked last night, so keep your fingers crossed.

Butterflies have also been fluttering into the big girl's room. She has always shared a bedroom before, so in this house she got the biggest of the children's bedrooms. The theory is that people will do their homework there, and play there too, so it's not such a great thing! However, that's still just theoretical. The kitchen table is still the place to be, and all toys are still being brought downstairs. We will see how it pans out, although I suspect it's going to continue to be mainly a bedroom... I am hoping that we will, in time, turn the garage into a family room, and then maybe the homework will go there.

The boy's room has also got a bit sparkly, with stars going up on the walls, alongside lots of pictures. His room here is a lot smaller than the room he had in the last house, but he's really making it his own.  He's got lots of pictures of Skylanders and Moshi Monsters, as well as Spin Art from Dalton Pottery, pictures of things he likes, and of some of his friends.  This is the busiest corner of his room, but it's all pretty cool.

There's plenty more to do, but the house does at least look like someone lives here now.