Sunday, 10 March 2013

having a decorating day

A long lie, breakfast in bed, beautiful homemade cards and presents, and lunch out, was fantastic, I also got to have a nice long chat with my Mum, watched a terrible film with the kids, and had fun spotting the blue sky in between the snow.  A lovely mother's day, for a very lucky Mummy.  I hope my mummy readers had a lovely day too?

In between all that I spent some quality time with the girls decorating their rooms, and Kenny got some pictures put up.  The big girl had the great idea of making her butterfly decal stickers into a flower shape.  I think it worked out really well!

In the little girl's room we have a blossom tree and some swallows (she's fed up with winter too!).

And I decided to get in on the act too, finally getting some decoration going on in my own bedroom!  The big girl's room was by far the easiest to do.  The little girl's stickers were in massive sections, which were very difficult to handle, but the ones for my room had terrible static, and stuck to me, and to each other more readily than the wall.  I ended up having to throw a bit of it away.  The big girl's were the cheapest, the easiest, and I think they look awesome.  They were from DecoMatters (on Amazon).

While I was busy doing all the wall stickers, Kenny's been sorting things out, making me get rid of stuff (including my beautiful teal and brown curtains, can anyone make use of them before I'm forced to donate them to charity?), and putting pictures up.  I really like this big photo from my brother (you can't see it very well in the pic, but it shows the boy and the big girl with their cousin in Manchester), and I've procrastinated so long as to where it should go that Kenny's gone and put it up.  Good job sir!