Thursday, 7 March 2013

sticking circles on a wall

Morning all, I'm so glad it's Thursday.  I love Thursday, I think it's because it was when Tomorrow's World and Top of the Pops was on when I was a kid, but it's always been my favourite day!  Today the little girl and I have been working on the boy's room, while outside it's windy and raining, and the temporary roof is not doing too well on the playhouse... Yikes.

So, here's what the little girl and I have been doing in the boy's room this morning.  Decorating it with spots, and incorporating his special pictures.  You can just see a couple of chimneys of his titanic model in the picture too, it's had a scrape with an iceberg, but is doing remarkably well.  I tried to leave the Titanic behind in Rainy Town, but the boy's teachers made sure he didn't leave without it!  Thanks for that then.  I hope he likes it.  I'll have to get some more photos of his friends printed off for him.