Tuesday, 30 April 2013

doing the photo-a-day challenge

My very lovely friend, Sheila, who has four children, a job, a blog, a photography course, and runs a toddler group, all while smiling (phew!) introduced me to Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge last year.

She mainly uses Instagram, as do lots of other people.  If you're on a computer you'll see my most recent Instagram photos on the right. Or come over to Instagram where you'll find me here. You can share your photos in the FMS Photo-a-day group on Facebook too, which I do when they're any good.  There's always lots of good, inspiring, and interesting photos on there.  People from all over the world take part, so you get to see snapshots of people's lives all over the world.

Chantelle, who lives in Australia, and is a professional blogger, provides the challenge, and also writes lots of interesting, helpful, and easy-to-read blog posts, on things like how to make your blog better, how to cook delicious food, and what's going on with her.  She manages to come across as a friend to everybody, which must be really weird for her when she meets someone who follows her blog!

I love the Fat Mum Slim blog, but the thing I like best is doing the photo a day.  I am sure I've talked about this before, so sorry if I'm being dull, but it's got me to stop just taking photos of my kids (although there's still plenty of that), and it's got me really thinking about presentation.

I think it's improved my photos no end.  And it's also helped me to see the usefulness of a little bit of practice every day.  So, if there's something I want to do better, I'm trying hard to do a little bit of it every day.  I started blogging at the beginning of the year, trying to write something every day, to get into the habit of writing.  You'll no doubt have noticed that I don't blog every day any more.  But I do write every day.  I'm working on a story, which is currently called 'The Earning of Stone', and is taking up a lot of my time... if it does ever become a book, it'll have a map in the front.  Sometimes there are other wee stories that come out, and I tend to put them on the Stories from the Frozen North blog.

Of course, if a little practice every day makes you good at something I must be a brilliant laundress... and I just watched the clothes on my whirligig get rained on, so that's clearly not working.  More practice required!