Friday, 19 April 2013

having success with potties!

We have had a stupendously glorious day today.  Kenny has caught the sun!  Although, to be fair, with his pasty Scottish skin that's not too hard.

Summer dress!
And the snow's only just melted
The little girl and I had a Mummy-and-me day this morning, heading off to our local big garden centre, to buy flowers and look at animals, and, as it turned out, buy a rather fabulous necklace for my guest-at-a-wedding outfit (of which more, later).

We came home and planted lots of plants in our garden, and set up planters around the playhouse with edible things in (see, always thinking), and all day long, in the sunshine, it was warming up.

We picked the big girl up from school (the boy was at a friend's house), and came home to play outside, and enjoy the flowers, and potential strawberries.  It was so warm that the girls badgered me into getting out the summer clothes!  Obviously, I'm still wearing black, but they are in summer dresses and sandals... and pants.

The big girl won't appreciate my saying that, she's been wearing pants for ages, but today was the little girls first day of wearing pants, and not getting them wet.  And why didn't she get them wet?  Because she had her first ever success on the potty!  Yay!

Kudos to little girl, and to Kenny, who was in charge at the time.  Maybe she can do this potty training thing after all!

Oh, and apologies to Cate, for the button.  It's aversion therapy.