Friday, 24 May 2013

going a funny colour

You'll no doubt recall that Kenny and I are going to a friend's wedding this weekend.

I've got the dress, the shoes, and the jewellery  but I thought it might be a good plan to get a fake tan, and get my nails done.

I'm not a big frequenter of beauty salons (shut it), so I had never had a fake tan before, and I was scared.  What would it be like?  Would the tanner be horrified at what I looked like?  Will I end up looking like a satsuma?

I did Sociology at University and I was particularly taken with Erving Goffman, who did a lot of work on the sociology of every day life, and how we present ourselves.  He talks about how we prepare ourselves backstage for social performances onstage.  I like this idea.  I've always thought that beauty salons are an organised backstage area, and I don't know about you, but I've always found social interactions in these areas to be uncomfortable.  Perhaps it's because I haven't built up camaraderie with the other players backstage.  I suspect the fault is mine.  I feel like I'm in with the cool girls, but that they're just tolerating me because I'm paying them!  So I guess it makes sense that I was a bit stressed.

I asked on Facebook if anyone could recommend somewhere to go for a fake tan, and lots of people recommended Be Glamazing in Largs (01475 648481).  I looked at some photos and felt a bit scared because Sarah, the owner, is impossibly glamorous, but I made an appointment, and that appointment was last night.
Sparkly nails

So, I washed off all traces of deodorant and anything else, and exfoliated (as I'd been instructed by Sarah), and put on baggy clothes and slip on shoes.  I drove down to the salon where I was greeted by Sarah, looking impossibly glamourous, but really friendly.  She offered me a seat, but I wasn't waiting long before I got my nails done, by Sarah herself.  The salon was quietly busy, with a great atmosphere.  It did feel like I was in with the cool girls, but I was being included.  If they were laughing over shared history they explained the back story.  It's a good place to be.  For the first time I felt comfortable in a salon.  My nails are black and glittery, so I'm still a bit Goth, but a bit glam too.  

during (this morning)
The tanning lady was great at putting me at ease too.  She chatted and laughed, and told me what to do, and she didn't give even a vague suggestion that she was going to run away screaming when she saw me in just pants.  It is an incredibly funny thing to do to get a fake tan.  You get virtually naked and then glue pads onto your feet and stand in a tent striking silly poses while somebody concentrates on spray-painting you inch by inch.  She wasn't interested in stretch marks or wobbly bits, she was focused on colouring me in.  

Kenny doesn't like it, and the boy thinks I look old (because the only person he knows who's always tanned is my Mum).  Last night I was a funny colour, and not supposed to get wet (a bit like a Gremlin) for at least six hours, but this morning I showered and...

I'm still a funny colour, and a bit blotchy too.  You  can see that I got a few drops of water on my arms when I was washing my hands last night.  I personally feel that I look like I've been rubbed down with a tea bag, but I am used to being pretty pale.  However, from a bit of a distance it looks absolutely fine, and my arms and legs look like they're actually a tanned persons!  I'm not sure that fake tanning is for me, but I would completely recommend the Be Glamazing experience.

Have you had a fake tan?  How did you get on?