Monday, 27 May 2013

In the breakfast club

Did you ever watch The Breakfast Club? I did, a lot (although not as much as Dead Poets Society or Rocky Horror). I wanted to be Ally Sheedy, and give Molly Ringwald a makeover. I wanted to go out with Judd Nielson... Or just get locked up with him.
Anyway, tonight, after a lovely but tiring long weekend, Kenny suggested we watch The Faculty, which is written by the guy who wrote the Scream movies, and is similarly film studies students a go go.
Basically The Faculty involves putting The Breakfast Club into Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It is a bit formulaic, but it's fabulous, and well worth a watch if you've not seen I it already.
Obviously different people now play the parts, but they still are the same characters, with the addition of the new girl, balancing the genders nicely. Once again, the cool Ally Sheedy character gets together with the jock and starts wearing colour, which is rubbish. I wish she didn't. I wish she just had sex with him and moved on. In both films. But this time the nasty Molly Ringwald character got together with the nerd (although he was Elijah Wood), leaving the Judd Nielsen character free to avoid her, thank goodness, and get together with the woman he clearly has a crush on. Fabulous.
Sorry for the spoilers, but they're not integral to the plot. Go watch The Faculty, or The Breakfast Club, or both.
If you already did, who did you want to be/befriend/date? What films did you watch over and over in your teens?