Sunday, 25 August 2013

loving the tunes

I'm blatantly stealing an idea off of a friend today.  Steve did a blog post on his Shores of Night blog about some of the music he writes to, and it made me think about the music I live my life too.  

Music is like smells to me.  Hearing The The is just as capable as a waft of Spiritual Sky patchouli of whisking me back to my bedroom in 1990.  Before I had children I listened to music constantly, but then the boy came along, and I needed to be able to hear, and I learnt to value silence.

Music is still very important, but what I've listened to has changed massively. Now I avoid swearing, and blatantly sexist nonsense.  This has meant no more Darkness (most of the time), and no more Zodiac Mindwarp (after being asked what 'lipstick flickers 'round my lightning rod' meant - oops).  Other stuff has gone too, but these are the two I miss the most.

So what are we listening to?  Well, first up is my favourite cleaning song:

Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry

This song, and the others that are underlined, have links to the videos on YouTube for your listening/watching pleasure.

I'm not sure this song would be allowed if I could tell what they were saying, but I can't so it's in!  It's fabulous for throwing blocks into a box, scrubbing glass doors, etc.  Ministry generally are good for this, as is White Zombie/Rob Zombie (the kids especially like Dragula).

Next up it's the first 'specially for kids' song we found that we actually liked:

Go go Ninja Dinosaur by Four Tet

This is from the fabulous 'Colours Are Brighter' CD, which I recommend you buy because it's for charity and that.  There are lots of good songs on it, including a particularly smashing pie eating song from Franz Ferdinand... although looking at the price of it on Amazon, you might want to try another way!  We also like nearly all of the Moshi Rox! CD (my favourite is Sweet Tooth Stomp), and, of course, Gangnam Style, by Psy.  Sigh.

Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis

This is my ring tone (for most people).  It's also our go-to CD for car journeys on sunny days.  Probably because I got the CD just before we went on holiday in Essex (fabulous hotel, shame it was in Essex).  I love this, it's so joyous and sexy and fun.  The rest of the album is great too, and I love the fact that whenever my 'phone rings the kids all start singing 'well you must be a girl...'

Paranoid by Black Sabbath

This is the CD in the boy's CD player (the big girl's got The White Stripes at the moment, and the little girl doesn't have a CD player yet).  Paranoid is full of songs which Kenny plays for the kids while they're having a moment of madness before getting ready for bed.  It's also remarkably polite.  Why?  Did rock get ruder after this album?  This was released in 1970, and thank goodness for that.

There are lots of songs I could put on this list, but I feel I should finish up with a goodnight song.  Every night, after getting washed and into PJs, the children have a story each, and then, when they're snuggled up in their beds, they get a song.  Kenny tends to make up songs, but I prefer to sing songs I know.

Little Green by Joni Mitchell

I know, this bit is mainly about Joni Mitchell, but I'd rather
look at Steve Tyler... sorry.
The album Blue was released in 1971, and is one of my Mum's favourites.  When I was away from home for the first time, and feeling stupid and alone, I drank a lot of cheap wine and listened to it (on vinyl) again and again, until I had memorised the whole album.  This isn't my favourite song on the album.  That would go to A Case of You ('constant in the darkness, where's that at?'), but Little Green makes me feel grateful for being able to be a mother to my children, and I generally do feel grateful when they're going to sleep.  It's also a lovely song to sing.  I haven't sung them Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, it's a bit too creepy... but I do think it.

So that's it.  It's not very Goth is it?  There is plenty of Goth, believe me, it's just not made it in!  What songs are important to you?