Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Enjoying the sunshine

Argh!  I've been neglecting you... it's been almost a fortnight since I last posted.  What can I say?  I'm sorry. What's my excuse?  Well, the good weather finally came, and I have been busy loving it.  It's back to rain today, so I'm catching up on things.

We've been having fun with family and friends, eating picnics, playing in the park, going for walks, washing everything in sight, rockpooling, playing on beaches, going out on boats, scooting, paddling, and generally having an excellent time.

Having cheeky bets on the races at the school sports day.
We even managed to entice my brother and his family up for a visit (after their holiday plans ended in a disaster called chicken pox).  He came with us to the school sports day, which became quite the event when we started placing bets on who would come first (to quote my brother: "COME ON BLUE SHORTS!").  No money exchanged hands, because apparently that would be wrong :-/

Eating Nardini's ice-cream in the sun :-)  I'm the hippyish Goth in the middle.

Running down that hill.

Do you know what the best thing about the sunshine was?  Everything.  It was warm, we didn't have to faff about with jumpers and coats and umbrellas.  Everything looked nicer. We all felt happier.  The winter this year seemed like it was never going to end, and I fear the summer is going to be far too short.  But thank goodness it came!  Our local shops ran out of sun cream the day before the rain came, and we don't really mind a little break before the sun comes back.  But remember, I said a little break.

So, what have you been doing in the sunshine?  And if you're further afield, what do you enjoy doing in the sunshine?  Keep it clean folks.

Many thanks to Eoian Lewis for photos for this post.