Saturday, 29 June 2013

on holiday!

School's out for summer!  The kids are sad to be changing their classes and moving away from their friends (really - not a single one of their new friends in their classes!), but excited about the holiday.  I am sad that we've come to the end of the baby days, but excited for the little girl starting nursery after the hols, and very excited that I'll get some more time to do things!  I might be mostly doing laundry, but I'm going to try to be a writer (darling).

Now Phineas and Ferb may have 104 days of summer vacation, but we have just 51, so we've got to have twice the fun of Phineas and Ferb... hmm.  We might not be building any roller coasters in the back garden, but there's so much we've got lined up.  EXCITED!!!

The big girl creates a giant apple peel
So let's start with today.  Day 1/51.  We had a lazy morning watching TV programmes, but then headed over to Callander park in Falkirk to see Mr Bloom and his CBeebies friends (and some of our friends too).  This is the first date of Mr Bloom's tour of the UK.  It is a fun day out, and they're happening in random places all over the UK, so have a look here, there might be one near you.

We're not hugely into the TV stuff, but we did plenty of running about, and lots of making. It was good fun, and very well run. I was particularly impressed with the way they handled lost children.  However if you're going I'd recommend you take a picnic as the food available was rubbish and expensive. I would also recommend you write your phone number on your child, just in case. It was VERY busy.

Tomorrow we're off to Linlithgow palace for jousting. But tonight we've got take-out and wine with friends to look forward to. Summer holidays are good already.

Add cap Iain pulls ahead in the Daddy racestion