Tuesday, 9 July 2013

the living dead

one of the awesome things about living in seaside town is that the in-laws are just down the road, and they can take the kids from time to time.  

Recently they took them overnight so hubby and I could have a night out!  It's our first night out together since March, and we headed to the flicks (well, we wouldn't want to talk to each other! ;-))

I wanted to see Man of Steel, and hubby fancied World War Z.  I'd have been happy either way to be honest.  It's so good to go to a cinema and see something with swearing in it!  

Selfie by hubby
So we ended up going to see World War Z, because we missed the start of Man of Steel.  I'm still thinking of watching Man of Steel (anyone seen it?), but I'm glad we watched World War Z because it was a really enjoyable film.

It's got Brad Pitt in it, which is a good thing for many people.  I'm afraid I don't get the Brad Pitt allure, but he did a pretty super job of acting in this film, so that's good.  I must say that come the zombie apocalypse, Brad will not be welcome in my remote Scottish farmstead, because disaster seems to follow in his wake.  Has the man been fitted with some sort of zombie tracking device?

I've not read the book, World War Z, although it has been recommended to me.  So I can't tell you how they compare.  Certainly the film has some bits which you wonder why they are bothering with (what was South Korea about?), which I guess have more plot involvement in the book.  Has anyone read it, and seen the film, and know how they compare?  

The film also features the beautiful city of Glasgow, which is disguised as an American city.  My Mother in Law went to see the film because of Glasgow being in it, and she enjoyed it too.  It's great fun.  I really liked the ending.  Very clever, and no, I'm not going to tell you.

I do not usually like zombie stories, because I do not like yucky pick-axes emerging from forehead scenes, which seem to be the done thing.  The zombies in World War Z, however, were 'realistically' zombical, but there was very little in the way of totally gross stuff.  I'd like to say they concentrated on plot instead, but no, they concentrated on getting through it pretty fast, with a fun bumpy ride.  I would totally recommend it.

Some people have commented that the zombies are fast, and zombies should actually be slow and shuffling because of muscle decay.  This misses an important fact.  They are zombies - totally made up.  I have no problem with someone taking an idea - say zombie, and tweaking it a little.  I mean, that's what story telling is all about, right?  Look at fairy tales - they've been tweaked out of all recognition, but we still know the rules.  That said, tweaking vampires so that they can go out in daylight, but they don't because they're just too beautiful.  That is just naff.  Sorry.

Some of my friends are off to the cinema to watch World War Z tomorrow.  You'll have a great time ladies, sorry I can't be with you.  Let me know what you think.

What's the last thing you saw at the cinema?  What did you think of it?