Thursday, 29 August 2013

watching utter rubbish

You may recall that Chantelle, my blogging hero, from Fat Mum Slim, has recently written a post suggesting 50 topics to blog about.  I've already done topic one -  a moment at high school that changed your life, so today I'm going to go for topic two:

The worst movie I ever did see

The worst film I ever saw was endured at my brother's house with my brother, his wife, my husband, and my very lovely sister.

We all watched, dumbfounded, as it just kept going, but we watched it to the end, sure that the film couldn't really be so incredibly tedious as it was.  Sure that at any moment, there was going to be a twist that was actually interesting.  Sure that at any moment, something might actually happen.  It didn't.  Even the suggestion that it might was not interesting.

Ladies and gentlemen, the worst movie I ever did see was Buried.  For all of us that were there, in Manchester, on that evening, that is 95 minutes that we are never going to get back.  For all those of you who haven't seen it I'll give you the trailer below.  Once you've watched that you have seen all the exciting bits in the film, and you don't have to waste those 95 minutes.  See, I'm always happy to help.

What was the worst film you've ever seen?  And why?