Saturday, 14 September 2013

celebrating a birthday

Today we're celebrating the boy's 8th birthday with a couple of his friends.  Inspired by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim I've documented the day with a photo from every hour (all taken by me on my 'phone)... I feel this may be too much information, but on the other hand, I tried to take a photo as near to the hour as possible, so some of it is interestingly random (I hope it's interesting for you too).  What did you do today?

Celebrating a birthday - a day in photos

7am and I've been awake for 45 minutes.  The boy wakes early every morning but is not allowed to bug us until 6.30am.  This morning he's brought in his ninja claws, which he's learnt how to make using this tutorial on You Tube.  There are lots of tutorials on there.

8am, and while the kids are still busy playing upstairs I have succumbed to the demands of the cat and fed him.  Breakfast is now prepared.  We have cereal nearly every day.  I love our colourful stuff, but can't seem to find any good colourful glasses.  Any suggestions?

9am.  Getting washed and dressed at the weekend seems to take an inordinate amount of time.  9am found me finally managing to brush etc my own teeth, having got the children ready.  I hate how much of a palarver brushing teeth is now.  Wish someone could invent something which would negate the need for all this stuff.  I especially hate the scrapy interdental brush (goosebumps, just like earthenware), and the horribly mouth-burning mouthwash.  I was going to say that I wouldn't need all this stuff if I had dentures, but then there's a whole load of other faffing, and it's not a look I'd cherish.  Meh.

10am  The lovely Kenny is taking the kids out for a bike ride.  The big girl needs practice to get better on her bike.  She's only just taken her stabilisers off, and she hasn't quite got the hang of it yet.  I say hasn't.  I mean hadn't.  She got it today.  She absolutely cracked it.  We're dead proud of her.  Thinking maybe she needs a bigger bike now.

11am (below).  While everyone was out I donned my headphones and listened to Stuff You Should Know (it was about breast implants) while having a tidy up in preparation for the party.  I like my Dyson (thanks for passing it to me Mum), but it's getting old.  If this blog had more readers I would suggest to Dyson that they could give me a new one, and I'd review it for them.  Hey, I'm happy to do that anyway.  Do you think I'll have any luck?

12 noon and the lunch is on the table.  Just a pick at lunch today because later on will be packed with junk-food.  However, the cycle ride has gone on too long, so no-one is here to eat it!  Still, it is awesome that the big girl cracked her cycling, and it all worked out well in the end.  Result.

1pm and the boy's friends are arriving, with presents.  He is a lucky boy.  He's made some lovely friends here.

2pm (below) We are on our way to the cinema.  The little girl and I are relegated to the back seats due to car sickness issues, but she's happy with her headphones on (btw, they're not actually plugged into anything, she just sings along with imaginary music).

3pm saw us in the cinema, watching Justin and the Knights of Valour.  I say watching... I must admit I cheated on this one and took the pic just before the film started.  I did nod off for a bit during the film, which I would rate as a firm OK, although it would not pass the Bechdel test, which is a bit rubbish imho.  I mean, it does have two well-developed female characters in, although one of them is a horrible pink princess, but they don't have a conversation, probably because for some reason they are love rivals for the dorky hero.  Hmm.  The boys enjoyed it anyway, which may have had something to do with lots of sweets.

4pm was when the film ended, and we headed, blinking, out into the light (which reminds me of the days of drinking on a Saturday afternoon in the Phono - were you there too?  Or somewhere similar?), to head over to MacDonalds *shudder* where the kids had a great time in the wee soft play while we read papers and waited for them to develop an appetite.  We didn't need to wait long.

5pm tea at MacDonalds with rubbish little Smurf toys (my children are agreed, they don't like Smurfs, and these toys are pants compared to the Despicable Me ones).  The children are happy, although they mainly don't like the over-salted chips.  Why do MacDonalds do that?  They are really unpleasant.  Mind you, most of the food is.  Not one person in the group had a burger.  I did have one once.  It was awful.  Do you eat them?

6pm and we're heading home.  Moshi Monsters are playing on the car stereo, and everyone's pretending to go to sleep, apart from the little girl (pictured here, so tired she's willing to have a hair clip in), who actually does fall asleep.  One of the boy's friends says 'well that was a really good day'.  He's right.  The children have behaved beautifully, and the way the boys have looked out for the younger girls has been awesome.

7pm  At home the children all busy themselves playing happily together.  Still, not a cross word is spoken.  I cannot believe how well this is going!

8pm and I call bedtime.  The boy's room is all set up and ready.  The children are all delighted to have visitors staying and get ready for bed with no fuss at all (although only the big girl sticks around while the tidying up is going on).  When all the children are ready we do a story (the Night Pirates - fabulous book) in the boys room, and then read some stuff from a children's encyclopaedia about something they're interested in.  Today it's volcanoes, and the children have some really cool things to say about volcanoes.  Did you know that Edinburgh and Stirling castles are built on extinct volcanoes?  Also, I have it on good authority that if you were to jump into a volcano you would get to a church.  Hmm.  We were then wondering how hot the sun was.  Turns out it's pretty hot.  One child wondered how god could have made it without getting burnt.  The idea that god would have made the sun foxed me, but luckily Kenny came up with the idea that if god was smart enough to make suns then he'd be smart enough not to get burnt.  Result.

9pm and the children are in bed, although not asleep.  I'm watching a bit of The Borgias, and checking on them from time to time while I wait for Kenny to hand over my computer.  He's doing something important with his new Nook, which he's bought after breaking his Kindle.  The cat is cuddled up next to him in his favourite position.

10pm sees the children asleep.  I've taken a picture of the little girl as she's gone to sleep with her light on and I don't want to be using a flash.  Time for a glass of wine, and to get this post written!

11pm I'm still up.  Still writing.  Once I get started I am driven to finish, which is not conducive to sleep.  Still nearly there!  There had better not be a midnight picture.

What did you do today?

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