Thursday, 12 September 2013

grossed out!

Another post today in the series inspired by Fat Mum Slim's suggestions of 50 topics to blog aboutThe ones I've already done are down at the bottom if you're interested.  Today's has had me humming inanely, to get things out of my head, and holding my tongue between my teeth so they don't touch.  Sorry if it grosses you out as well!

9 things you just can’t handle {gross things like ugly toes etc etc}

Well, I'm afraid I'm really not bothered about ugly toes, but I'm sure I can rustle up nine other things that I just can't handle.  What about you?  Have you got something leaping to mind immediately?  I know that for my sister it's people biting towels, because I still take great joy in chewing towels in front of her.  It's the simple things.  Here goes

Fab image by Laura Ponath

1.  People biting cutlery

Argh, it's horrible.  I have to hold my tongue between my teeth just thinking about it.  I would rather my children ate their spaghetti with their fingers than bit their forks, and as for putting knives in your mouth.  No!  It's just pure wrong on so many levels.  *shudder*

2. Cutlery being scraped on earthenware crockery

Oh, I hate this post.  Now I've got my tongue between my teeth and goosebumps.  Yuck.  We have plates which are a bit like earthenware and that is pretty bad for cutlery scrape, but my parents had some 'lovely' brown and orange earthenware plates which were kept for best, and just the thought of those plates, with knives cutting up meat and the scraping, scraping, scraping.  No.  I can't go on with that.

3. Screaming

We have a saying in this house.  'Mummy doesn't do screaming'.  I don't.  I know children get excited, and they scream, but I can not tolerate any screaming.  At all.  The kids don't even do it to wind me up.  I have put a child outside the house and closed the door before now.  Screaming is instant naughty step behaviour, unless the child continues screaming, and then it's outside for them.  Don't get me wrong.  Screaming does have its place, but if there's screaming happening near me, then someone better need me to dial 999.  

Many thanks to my brother and sister for posing
for this too-much-information pic (sorry guys)
4.  People not wearing enough clothes

I am such a Victorian on this front, I know.  But I hate to see men wandering about with their tops off.  It is too much information for me.  I don't like people sunbathing either - too much skin, and I have no idea why you'd want to do that to yourself anyway.  I mean, lying about in the sun with a book is great, but let's cover up people!

5.  Racism and homophobia

I'm putting these two together, because they are both ways of thinking that were acceptable long ago, and I have no idea why they were then.  Well, I do, religion was the excuse for both of them I believe.  However, we are surely enlightened now?  We know that people are people.  They come in lots of different colours and shapes, and some of them like to be in relationships with the same gender.  Who gives a monkey?  In my hometown there are a very small group of people who push the agenda of the hateful christian organisation Scotland for Marriage, which campaigns against gay people being able to marry.  Not on any sensible grounds like marriage being for reproduction (they can't do that because that would mean that old people like themselves couldn't get married), but because it would undermine marriage!  It's not like any gay people are likely to want to marry them, is it?  They reckon that if we let gay people get married, then it will be polygamy next!  Personally I'm not sure that that wouldn't be a good idea, but I don't know enough about the topic.  I wish that people who profess to be Christian could get off other people's backs and get on with living charitable lives.  Lots of Christians manage it!

6.  Sexism and misogyny

I am quite enjoying getting this stuff out of my system!  The goosebumps have gone.  Now, as you may know, I did a degree in Women's Studies, and I have two daughters.  I think that sexism is rife and endemic in our society, and I think the situation at the moment is as bad as it was in the 1970s (although it did get better in between).  The main problem is that there aren't enough people challenging it.  It has become so normal for men to be singing to girls that he knows she wants it, (which by the way is misogynistic, infantalising, and encourages an atmosphere condusive to sexual assault) that people challenging it are seen as being over-the-top.  It's just a song and no-one listens to the lyrics.  Really?  Mr Thicke is not the only culprit by far.  We live in a culture wherein things are pinkified and dumbed down for women and girls.  But there are also some beacons of hope.  Campaigns like Pink Stinks help to normalise opposition, and are making changes.  UK Feminista is keeping a high profile to keep us all talking about it.  Together, we can make things better.  

Thanks to Bytes for the image
7. Spitting

And back to the things I think are gross, rather than just repugnant.  I really hate spitting.  It never fails to shock me.  I just don't know why it would be necessary.  My husband tells me that sometimes, especially if you're doing exercise, you get too much saliva, and you've got to get rid of it... but why can't you just swallow?  Footballers are especially bad for doing this, which is only one of the multitude of reasons why I don't watch football.  Happily, I have passed this on to my children who will comment with surprise when they see a person spitting in the street.  They ask me why.  I have no idea.

Picture from here
8. Smoking in public

I am an ex-smoker, so I am the worst when it comes to my opinion on smoking.  I know it is hard to give up smoking, but that's because it's an addiction.  An addiction to a mild anti-depressant laxative.  I mean really, would you bother, if it wasn't a cigarette?  To be fair, cigarettes don't do a lot for you.  The release from the first drag is nice, but it isn't worth the stink, the extortionate cost, losing your teeth, or the slow, horrible death.  Public opinion of smoking has gone downhill in recent years, quicker than people are managing to give up, and for some people, like my Mum, they'd rather be smelly than stop, thanks.  Legislation has pushed people outside, which is definitely better than keeping the smoke trapped inside the pub/cafe/shop/train etc, but it also means that passers-by have to run a stinky gauntlet when walking past a pub.  That's unpleasant, and in some areas it's hard to avoid, but what I really am grossed out about is people smoking around those who don't have a choice but to put up with it.  It's not fair, and it's not necessary.  If your addiction is really so bad get some gum!  The worst places I've seen people smoking are:

  • waiting outside the school gates
  • in a play park
  • outside supermarkets
  • in a car, with children in it
  • while pushing a buggy
Not on the list, but also being judged are people on mobility scooters, with oxygen canisters, and people in their PJs outside hospitals.  Obviously there are some serious addiction issues here, but still.

9.  Going to the dentist

I didn't use to mind going to the dentist, but then I had children, became more sensitive, got worse teeth, and suddenly I was sobbing in the dentists chair.  I cannot stand the noise of the drill or the polishing widget.  I don't mind the injections, but that horrible whirring noise, and the pressure.  Oh, it's just horrible.  I've got four appointments coming up next month, and I am not looking forward to it even a little bit.  It's really expensive torture (although that said, I don't know how much other torture costs).  My Mum said recently that she wondered if it wouldn't be easier to just get dentures, and I sympathise with her on that (although not to the extent that I'd want the caved face look of no-teeth).

What about you?  What do you hate?  What grosses you out?  What can't you handle?

This post is one of a series I'm doing inspired by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim's suggestions of 50 things to blog about.  If you're interested, here's links to all the ones I've done so far.