Thursday, 24 October 2013

addicted: 6 things I can't live without

What are you addicted to? and why?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding have helped me kick all my substance addictions (I'm talking cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine - sorry it's not more exciting), but there are still things that I can't do without.  Are there things you feel weird if you don't get?

Here are mine:

1  My 'phone
Three addictions in one pic!  My HTC 'phone,
my computer (Scrivener open for writing the
book), and some books.

I've got to have my 'phone with me all the time.  I'd take a photo' of it, but I use it to take photo's.  I've recently upgraded from a HTC Wildfire S to a Samsung Galaxy s3 (did I see you glazing over there?).  Long story short, it's much bigger, which is great for using it, but pants for carrying it around.  I often wear clothes with no pockets, so I'm forced to either wear a bag all the time (which is irritating and catches on doors), or stick the 'phone in my bra.  The second option worked well for the HTC Wildfire S, but I do not have the cleavage for the Samsung Galaxy S3, so I keep leaving it places.

Losing my 'phone would be disastrous because my 'phone has taken over the role of ALL the things (apart from the money, but it's working on it) which used to be in my handbag, which is fantastic.  I can now share my Google Calendar with Kenny and my mother in law, and if they read their calendars this would give us perfect syncronicity ;-) so I don't need a diary.  I use Evernote (do you use Evernote yet?  It's fantastic, I don't know how I lived without it) so I don't need a notebook, or pens, I have games and drawing to keep the kids amused, I have lots of alarms to remind me to pick kids up, so I don't need a watch.  I love my 'phone.  If I don't have it, I feel like I've lost a limb.

2  The Sims

I love to play The Sims. I will play it until way past my bedtime, I will play it when I should be doing other things, I find random excuses for playing it.  My most recent one (and I think you'll recognise this as being valid), is that I can create characters in The Sims who are characters in the book I'm working on.  This helps me better get to know them, and what ways they might behave.  For example, I had a character, Brother Feather, in my book, and I was wondering how he came to have joined the chapter.  No problem.  Created him in The Sims, designed his character, and tried to get him to have relationships.  He was very good at starting relationships, and very bad at keeping them.  He fell madly in love with Cassandra Goth, who married him, but didn't like his philandering ways.  She dumped him when she saw him kiss someone else, and no amount of begging would win her back, which is why he joined The Chapter.  I am tempted to tell you all about my other characters, but that just shows the extent of my addiction!

3. Writing
I'm hoping a touch of finger
pointing can take the heat
off me :-)

I asked my children what they thought their Daddy and I were addicted to.  They reckoned that for Daddy it was playing on his 'phone, and for me it was blogging.  I suspect that this is because I keep 'borrowing' their toys, or getting them to pose for pictures, either for photo-a-day (of which more below), or for the blog.  At the moment I'm trying to replace any pictures I've borrowed from elsewhere on the web with ones of my own.  Of course, I'd never use someone else's picture and pass it off as my own, but I have borrowed quite a lot, so it's quite a mission.

As well as writing the blog, of course, I'm working on 'the book', which I keep getting ideas about, or talking about while they are around... perhaps my least well thought out one was the conversation I had with my sister and mother about what the easiest way would be to kill someone with a small blade.  I love writing, and I hope I can pull this book together to be something good.  Meanwhile I'll keep blogging, and I hope this will be something good too.

4. Photo-a-day

Yesterday's prompt was 'my mood today'
This seemingly innocuous list of daily prompts from Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim seems like a fun way to stretch your photography skills, and, indeed, just to take pictures of something different.  It is fun.  It is a great way to get inspired, and meet people all 'round the world.  It is overwhelmingly positive (so much so that the snarky types grumping about some of the pictures stand out like a sore thumb.  I have been doing this for over a year now, and it has got to the point where I sometimes think 'I don't fancy doing this prompt, I might just skip it', but do you know what?  I can't skip it.  I wake up, and reach for my 'phone (see above), to check in Google Calendar what the prompt is for today, and then it's on my mind all day.  When I take the picture I'm looking for an opportunity to edit it and then post it.  Once it's posted, I want to know what everybody else's pictures look like.  I've never been in the fab four (a daily selection of some of the great pics), and I would love to be, but it's OK.  Today's prompt is 'dark', and I don't fancy it.  I'm going to see if I can skip a day!

5  Sweet stuff
Lydia's cake... yummy

I was in a really good place dietarily a few years ago, and promised myself I wouldn't slip back into bad ways.  I slipped anyway.  I got pregnant, I started hating salads, and then we moved house twice and I got into comfort eating and all sorts of nonsense.  I'm doing better now.  Salads are back.  However, I can't seem to break out of eating too much sweet stuff.  I'm being tortured by my dentist to pay for this addiction, and of course, I've gone up a size or two.

I know that the only way to break out of this addiction is to go cold turkey (and I should probably ditch bread too).  But I don't want to.  Well, I do want to, but I can't see it happening with a birthday and Halloween just around the corner.  I could maybe start on 6th November for a month - see if I can reset my palate.  Anyone fancy joining me?

6  Reading

I know lots of people who say they don't have time to read, and I understand that people are really busy, but I can't imagine not having time to read.  I read the newspaper whenever I get the chance, but luckily it's on my 'phone, so I don't have to carry it about.  I also have a mountain of books in my to-read pile, which are slowly whittled away, only to be replaced.  Since I've started blogging I read loads of blogs, but I get them all on bloglovin', so it's like a magazine with lots of great articles every day.  On top of that there's books which I read if I don't stay up too late playing The Sims, and my Kindle, which I read if I did stay up too late, so can't turn the lights on.  When I was breastfeeding I would plough through books, propping them up in one hand, while supporting baby's head.  What are you reading at the moment?  I'm reading The Crimson Petal and the White (Michel Faber) on the Kindle, and The Kingmaker's Daughter (Phillippa Gregory) in hard copy.  Sadly, it doesn't have pictures of Aneurin Barnard in it.

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