Friday, 18 October 2013


Have you come across Theodore Zeldin?

He's a very clever man.  One of those who has incredibly good ideas so we don't have to.

At the centre of a maze
you need a good conversation
He's written a book called Conversation: how Talk Can Change Your Life.  You can buy it remarkably cheaply here.  He talks about how all of us can improve our lives by having conversations.  How honesty, and talking about important things can bring us closer by helping each other understand one another.  In doing that, we can understand ourselves better.

He talks about how conversation can be useful, and skipped over, even in our most significant relationships.

In our society we're very individualistic.  We consider a worker as an individual, not as a person contributing to a family, which is what they usually are.  We consider ourselves to be busy, doing things that are useful, and not well enough recognised.  We're all going along our paths, and not recognising that we can only go along them with the help of others, and it's only through our help that others navigate their paths.  Never mind what men can do, or women. What can we do together?

Zeldin suggests that better conversation, on topics like ambition, fear, relations of civilisations, can help us to better know our partners, and help us to make ourselves better in the course of so doing.  Through our relationships we can develop ourselves much more fully.

I love this idea, and the topics he thinks we should explore are really interesting to me.  When I come to think about it, I spend more time talking to my children about things like curiosity, friendship, and gender relations, than I do my partner, and that's just life.  But I do fancy doing something about it.  

What about you?  Do you have these big conversations?  Would you like to?  What topic do you think we should all be conversing about?

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