Saturday, 12 October 2013

dealing with photos

Hello all

We're having such beautiful, crisp, Autumnal weather, and I've finally managed to have a night out with the girls - I'm feeling good, and so I'm finally getting around to dealing with the photos.

I love taking photos, and thank goodness for digital cameras.  It's so much easier to take better pictures, and I love all the fabby things you can do to them with things like pixlr o matic and picmonkey (although I haven't put picmonkey to much use yet, it's on my to do list).  What do you use?

...and after using pixlr o matic
This one used filter Anne, and
frame Rounded.

The trouble with digital pictures is, what do you do with them?  Well, let's be honest, even the best photographers amongst us delete a lot of them.

After the deleting there's the editing, as mentioned above...

...the sharing, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and no doubt lots of other places...

...and then there's the saving.  I've got hundreds on my laptop, and my husband has clever ways of backing them up, which don't always work, so we've got dropbox as well.  Some people use Flickr.  Should I be using that?  Are there other places I should be saving my pics?  What do you use?

Then, if you're anything like me, long after you've saved your pics, there's the
process of getting proper pictures printed off.  I say proper pictures.  I'm a big fan of getting some big copies of pictures for the wall.  If you get pretty much any picture blown up big enough it's art baby.  Of course, some people are A LOT better at taking pictures than me, and that's why you have to pay them a lot of money for their art.  I must give a heads up to one of my favourite photographers, Rob Marrison.  He's an amazing artist too.  If you've not come across him you should check out his work.

Make a picture you like big enough, and it's art!

I have, in recent years, become a convert to the photobook.  They're so easy to handle, and you can fit hundreds of photos in them, with text too.  Fabulous.  Most of them have things that help you put the book together, and there are often special offers on (and do watch out for them because the books can be expensive).  The Gadget Show did a piece on photo books, and they recommended Albelli, but the one that I have found easiest to work with is photobox.  My brother is a graphic designer, and he uses photobox, and I find its setup easy to use, so I've made three books so far (one a year).  I need to stop blogging and make a fourth!

They do lots of different types of book, but I tend to go for the spiral bound one because it's soooooo much cheaper.  One time they missed a few photos out of the print, but they were very nice about it and sent another copy out, so we had a spare for the grandparents.  Result!

What do you use for printing photos out?  Or am I so last century?