Tuesday, 1 October 2013

in September

We've had a busy month - in an attempt to do less talking, I'm going to share my month in photos (I'll have to talk a wee bit, because I can't help it!).  All photos by me.  All taken on my phone.  To start the month I had a HTC Wildfire S.

This month the littlest girl started going to nursery, without my staying (it took a while - there's a post on it here), so I finally got some time for just me!

Although the weather has turned Autumnal, we have had some beautiful days this September, which we have thoroughly enjoyed.

September is a big month for birthdays in our family.  We are so lucky that our children have lovely friends who helped make thier birthdays special.

We got crafty with old wrapping paper, and a fabulous owl stamp from Papermania (this is one of the many places you can buy it, for just £4), for our thank you cards.

Fat Mum Slim ran a Little Mermaid Competition, which I entered the photo of the little girl with Ariel for.  I didn't win, but I love the pic.

The big girl loves playing with her cars.  Her imagination is fabulous.  I love getting to play with her (usually I'm not allowed).

I've been buying plants, to make the garden look nice.  I've discovered I am not a natural gardener.

The little girl loves wearing her headphones in the car.  She sings along with the music she pretends she's listening to.

I've started going to a new Writer's Group.  It's in the masonic hall.  I feel like I shouldn't be in there every time I go in!

I spent a day in Glasgow shopping with my big girl.  It was a fabulous day, and I finally get the appeal of shopping with someone else.  My husband doesn't though.  She's very good at talking me into buying stuff!

The kids got a trampoline for their birthdays.  They have used it lots so far, which is fantastic.

I got a new 'phone.  It's a Samsung Galaxy S3.  After this point, all photos are taken on that.

Three purple people being photo-bombed by the cat.

And that wraps up September folks.  October is going to be awesome.  We've got holidays coming up.  I'm looking forward to my Dad visiting, add to that Halloween (I cannot believe Australia doesn't do Halloween!!!), AND my 40th birthday...  It's all shaping up pretty well.

What about you?  How was your September?  And what's October got in store?