Monday, 7 October 2013

in the Tots100

This morning I floated my blog on the Tots 100.

The Tots 100, like Mumsnet Bloggers Network, is a good way to find other UK based parent bloggers, but if you don't have time to check it out now, don't worry, you don't have to look, because I've had a look myself and found some great ones for you to check out!

I would like to point out that these are in absolutely no particular order (apart from the order I happened across them in).

So first up, some blogs from the Tots 100:

A Mother's Ramblings

Currently at number 5 on the Tots 100.  A lovely, warm and funny blog, which does what it says on the tin.  You can find a post on family trees here, which has caused me to wonder what stories are lurking in our friends family trees (me, I've got a missing mother and a Russian escape in mine, although not in the same story).  I bet you've got some interesting stories in your family tree?

The Mad House

Another very popular blog, with an inspiring style.  A recent post here, describes the things the family were inspired to do after watching Epic - like going to look for rot in the woods, and finding out about chlorophyll.  Seeing as I have zero ideas like that, this is pretty interesting.  Do you do inspired things like that after you've watched a film with your kids?

Little Stuff

This blog has won lots of awards, and I can see why.  It's not the sort of thing I usually read, but it's got lots of useful things on it.  Like this post about a competition to win a book about puberty for boys.

There are lots more interesting blogs in the Tots 100 for you to have a peek at.  Apologies if I've just eaten up all your time!

For a wee bit of balance, here are some of the blogs you'll find on the Mumsnet Bloggers.  I'm sure there's plenty of overlap.  I find the Mumsnet blogs a bit haphazard - it's difficult to weed out the ones that are worth a read, but here's a couple

Alison Wells:  Head Above Water

I'm going to have to add Alison to my Bloglovin account (Bloglovin is a fantastic thing which collates all your favourite blogs together and then emails you overnight with a magazine of blogs to read in the morning - result!).  I love her blog about writing while raising children.  It's very relevant to me (who should be going to pick a child up right now), and I'm sure the juggling aspect is to everyone.

Dancing in the Mud

This is another blog that's a good go-to for a bit of inspiration. This post shows a day in the life of this home-educating Mum.  I am in awe, and terribly grateful that we're happy with our school, but I think the conkers could be very useful for the big girl's maths homework, and I'm always happy to eat some more Gu puddings!

Well, I mentioned Bloglovin, so I feel I should complete this post with a quick overview of my two favourite blogs so far.  They're both Australian, so the pictures are a bit sunnier than the ones in Blighty, but they're also both great.

Fat Mum Slim

If you've ever read my posts before you'll know I love Fat Mum Slim.  Chantelle writes it and I find her completely inspirational.  I do her photo-a-day challenge, and I've been doing it for over a year now, but she also gives lots of great advice on blogging (like this one on most popular blog posts), and plenty of other interesting posts.  She has a warm and friendly, approachable style, and gives of herself.  I'm not sure how I'd manage being as popular as she is, but I'd love to be as useful!


Mrs Woog is the author of Woogsworld, a fabulously irreverent blog, about family life, politics, coaching, and all sorts of other stuff.  Mrs Woog is the sort of person I would like to spend an evening with... Wine would be involved.  She often makes me laugh, and she is also very impressive in a kaftan, which takes some doing (although Queen Latifah can also rock a kaftan).  You don't see many kaftans in Glasgow for some reason.  This article on getting sexy in beige undies just made my day.

So let's have some more recommendations.  What are your favourite blogs?