Sunday, 24 November 2013

drawing a blank

One day, long ago and far from here, a teenage me was walking to church...

...for the Friday evening rock disco in the church hall.

Just as I turned up the hill near the police station, a woman, walking the other way stopped and said:

"Hi Cara, how are you?  I haven't seen you in ages!"

"I'm fine thanks, and you?"
Thanks to my brother for the pic of teenage me

"Good, good, you know how it is, and how's your brother?  Is he still at college?"

"Yes, we're both there now."

"And how's his asthma, is he managing it alright?"

"Yes, yes, he's not had an attack in ages."

"Oh that's great.  And how's your Mum doing?  I've not seen her around much."

"Oh, she's fine.  She's around as much as ever I think.  She'll be in town tomorrow morning no doubt."

"And your sister?"

"She's fine too."

"Has she started school yet?"

"Not yet, she goes to the childminder."

"Oh yes, such a shame that she has to work, you don't get to enjoy them, do you?  Still, got to keep things together."

"Yes, and how's your family?"

"Good, good, mustn't grumble, you know."

At this point a friend of mine came out of the church for a fag, and I waved frantically at them:

"Sorry, I've got to go, I'm meeting my friend."

"Of course.  You have fun.  See you soon."

So off I ran, to see my friend.  She asked who I'd been talking to and, do you know what?  I had no idea.  But I did see her again, and we would get chatting every time, but every time she knew me so well that it seemed rude to say, "sorry, who are you?"  So I still don't know who she was.  I described her to my Mum, and she had no idea either, although my brother recognised the description - she kept talking to him like she knew him too!

I think the number of times I speak to people and have no idea who they are has only increased as I've got older, and especially, since I've had children (although other Mums don't seem to mind if you ask who they are after chatting for six weeks).  Does it happen to you too?

And do you think I did know that woman?  Or was she stalking my family?

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