Friday, 22 November 2013

getting a Boost!

As you'll no doubt recall, we've recently returned from a few day's holiday in York, but truth be told, we were pretty brassick before we left, so we needed a holiday on the cheap.  How to achieve this, and also have the kind of holiday we like (involving plenty of things to do with the kids, and yummy meals prepared by other people)?  Use our Tesco Boosts baby!

If you have a Tesco Clubcard, or a Tesco Credit Card (which is basically a Clubcard with extras), then you'll get points for the marketing research data you provide just by shopping with Tesco (and other places, with the credit card).  And we all know that points mean prizes.

At the basic level, those prizes come in the form of money vouchers you can use in your regular shop, but you can also Boost those vouchers by exchanging them, either for tokens to spend on your Christmas shopping (and at other times of the year too), or, to get even more out of them, you can swap them for up to four times their value in vouchers for days out, meals in restaurants, even holidays.  It is always worth checking out what you might be able to get at Tesco Clubcard Boost.  You can often save money, and, let's face it, Tesco vouchers are not really money anyway, so you're getting paid to shop.

Kenny explaining one of the new games we got
on our old 'phones to keep the kids entertained
on the train (it involves painting kittens' nails).
To give you some examples, on our recent holiday we travelled by train, using our Family and Friends railcard, bought for £15 in Tesco vouchers (that's half price).  We could have also saved money by getting our train tickets through Red Spotted Hanky, which we could have exchanged Tesco vouchers for, to get their special deals at half price.  Awesome!

You can use Tesco vouchers to get deals at lots of hotels when you get to your destination.

You can use them to contribute toward your meal at lots of family-friendly restaurants.  Usually you get four times the voucher price for the restaurant voucher.  Although I would note that this is often somewhat of a palarvar, as they'll have to recalculate the bill in most cases.  In York we ate out three times.  We used £37.50 worth of vouchers for £150 worth of meals:
At Cafe Rouge, waiting for food...
Thanks to my sister for the pic.

  • Pizza Express was great for the kids, and pretty easy, although we did leave before coffee, as the kids were bored of waiting.  Drinks were not covered, but the staff were great at working this all out.
  • Strada had a lovely atmosphere, and were very flexible.  They were quick with the bill.
  • Cafe Rouge had lovely staff, but took FOREVER to serve us (our meal took three hours - with small children), and then had to recalculate the bill, messed up the recalculation, trying to charge us twice for several things (and this was already the most expensive restaurant we visited).  They were suitably apologetic, and carried on being when their till froze, and they asked if we could maybe just pay cash.  Drinks were not covered, and food from the set menus was not covered (and I had to pay separately for that).  They did not get a tip, and I won't be going back, but the food was fine.
You can also use them to pay for your activities during the day.  In York, we used them to pay for:
and we could have used them for Jorvik and The York Dungeon.  We have previously used them for:
My aim this year is for Christmas to be sponsored by our Tesco Vouchers.  Fingers crossed.

What's been your best buy with Tesco Vouchers?

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