Sunday, 3 November 2013

wondering what the fox says

My lovely little sister introduced me to the song 'What the Fox say' by Ylvis this week, although I am apparently well behind on this one.  Have you seen it?  It's worth a listen, plus the video is great fun.  I love it, and so do my kids.  You can see the video on YouTube, here it is.

Apparently Ylvis have done other songs, but their main focus is their Norwegian comedy show.  The Fox was released to promote the new series.  They have no plans to follow it up, or tour it, although they do do occasional appearances.  They're going to be on Children in Need later this month.

Anyway, watching the video I thought to myself 'doesn't everyone know what noise a fox makes?'  Well, apparently not, so if you yourself are wondering, here's a round up of foxy sounds:

  1. Foxes bark - this is to sound the alarm if there is danger.
  2. Foxes scream - the 'Vixen's scream' is heard during mating season, and is made by male and female foxes.  It seems to be a sort of 'where are you' call.  They also cry, which sounds a lot like screaming to me, but is used when not in mating season.
  3. Foxes can also combine barking and screaming, and they can howl.
  4. Gekkering - foxes gekker when they are fighting or when play-fighting.
Mainly, foxes sound a bit like high-pitched dogs, although the scream is truly horrible, and really does sound like a baby being tortured.  

I've been lucky enough to live next door to a fox, although I suspect that most people know what the fox says without living near one.  Did you?

Now there is an animal I have been told makes no sound, but I can't believe it.  So, what does the giraffe say?

What animal would you like to hear?

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