Friday, 27 December 2013


People say that fear holds us back.  Fear is what limits us, keeps us cowering in the darkness.  It is fear that leads to hate, especially hate of the other.  It is fear that we will be outed as the frauds we are that leads us to push down others, lest they prove to be better than us.

And yet, bravery is impossible without fear.  Bravery is feeling fear and doing it anyway.  If a knight in a story is fearless when he faces the dragon, it is not because he is brave.  It is because he is stupid.  Or possibly, off his head.

What are you afraid of?

I really don't like spiders, and I can't do heights.  If for some hideous reason I was in the jungle, in a suspended box full of spiders trying to find stars, it would definitely have more to do with stupidity than bravery, and I would be scared silly.  I don't think we would be eating that night.

This is a picture of me taken by my husband.  We went up Grey Mare's Tail near Moffat,
Scotland.  This was as high as we got.  I'm doing the inane smiley face and saying 'arghhhhhh!'
I could not even stand up at this point and we had to go back down, having not reached the
top because I was far too chicken.

But the things that are deeper than that are the important things.  We all fear our loved ones being hurt, or worse.  We fear for those we know who live alone, or are ill.  

Mostly these fears just bubble along, but sometimes they come to the fore.  I have had a few friends die now.  Either suicides, or just out of a clear blue sky, with aneurysms, or car crashes.  It's not nice.  It's not fair.  It makes you think that we should be worried about everyone.

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But you can't live your life like that.  You've got to keep on keeping on, and hoping you're going to be lucky.  After all you've been lucky so far.  And as for fear.  Well fear is downright sensible so long as you don't let it run your life.  You've got to put a sensible hat on and have a chat with your fear.  

Are heights really that bad?  Yes, they are.  When I'm high up, I can't get the idea out of my head that I'm going to jump.  So, maybe I could do it with a rope or something.  Don't suggest I bungee jump because it's not happening.

And spiders.  I'm really trying to not be bothered by spiders, and I'm not doing badly.  In fact I don't mind them much at all now, until they move.  Then it's Argh!  Spider!  Out You Go (well, more of a die die die really).

What are you afraid of?  And is it just plain daft?

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