Tuesday, 17 December 2013

singing Christmassy songs

We've only got 8 days to go!!! And in our house today we're working up to a Christmassy fever pitch.  The big girl had a Christmas party last night, and has another one today, and the little girl will be performing in her first school Christmas show this afternoon.

We've been listening to Christmas songs in the car, and in the house, and learning the songs the little girl needs to learn for her show, and I am loving it.

I absolutely adore singing.  Just as filling a space with your body helps you feel more confident (see yesterday's post on faking it until you make it), singing helps fill your body with sound, and project it out.  Singing in a choir feels to me a lot like the chakra meditations I used to do, wherein you would get energy flowing through your body and mixing with all the other people's.

This year I've not managed to join a choir in time for carols, but I did last year, and it was glorious.  We got to sing, loudly, in a church, filling up all that space with our JOY to the world.  I don't get to sing in a church much, due to thinking that Christianity is a load of nonsense, but I do love a carol.

I thought that today, to help you feel as Christmassy as I do, I would share my top six Christmas songs.  I'd love to know what your favourite Christmas songs are too?

When I was in the choir last year our HARDEST song was The Three Kings by Peter Cornelius.  It is incredibly difficult to sing, but fantastic.  Any singers out there who've mastered this one?

I love singing along with Greg Lake's I Believe in Father Christmas in the car.  Although I've got to be careful because it makes me cry (everything makes me cry!).  What's your favourite Christmas song in the car?  Please don't say Driving Home for Christmas!

I sing this song ALL THE TIME!  My little girl is with me as I write, and when I said I was doing a post on Christmas songs, this is the one she started singing.  This is, of course Mary's Boy Child by the fantabulous Boney M.  Thank you!

My apologies, this is a terrible 'video' (being a bad still picture), but it is Maddy Prior, whose voice I love, singing one of my favourite Christmassy songs.  I love the way it is clearly mixing Christianity with pre-existing religion, which is what Christmas is all about.

Obviously, I have to have the Yorkshire carol.  Beautifully interpreted through the medium of sweets...

And finally, to wish you a merry Christmas (and demand some figgy pudding)...

Merry Christmas!  What are your favourite songs?