Friday, 6 December 2013

wise(ish): what I've learned about life so far.

Well, I'm 40, half-way done ish, maybe.  So what have I learned about life so far?  What would I drone on about to a young person in a pub after too much gin and tonic?  Well let's see:

People are people

People come in lots of different colours, shapes and sizes.  There are people who agree with you and those that don't.  There are even Tories ;-)  There are people who fancy women-people, and people who fancy men-people, and they are all people.

People are, none of them, all good or all bad.  Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has a bit of good in them.  All people choose to do things because it seems like a good idea.

Nothing matters very much, except for health and happiness

He saids and she saids, and he's gots and she's got, don't matter a jot when someone falls sick.  I'm not talking catching a cold, I'm talking proper this-person-might-be-just-about-to-walk-out-of-life sick.  Our health is incredibly important.  If we are debilitated we can't live the life we choose.  We've got to look after the bodies we have because spares are a nightmare to get hold of.

Sometimes people die, and then they never come back.  The guy who bugged me by smoking in front of my little sister, is dead now.  All of his potential is gone.  The beautiful man with amazing ideas is dead too.  Try your hardest not to be the one that dies, and also to survive the losses along the way.

Sometimes it is hard to be happy.  Sometimes bad things happen and it takes a while to get through them, sometimes depression can come out of a clear blue sky.  It is hard to do something about it when you're in it.  But this is the only life you have, you must try to be happy.  Sometimes things do need to be gone through, but you still need support to do it.  Too often people are in situations that make them unhappy.  Often you can find happiness by getting help, or by looking for the good, but sometimes you need to walk away.  It is hard to walk away when you've invested a lot of effort in something, but you, and your family/those around you need to be happy.

You can make a difference

There is a lot going on in this world that serves to make a lot of people unhappy.  However, things could be worse.  We have the society we have because people made it like that, and people can change it.  Gandhi said "be the change you wish to see in the world."  There are lots of ways you can be that change.  Let us start by challenging what we believe to be wrong, and highlighting what we see as being good.  Like this great video on women in the media in 2013.

And what am I still to learn?

I suck at maintaining positivity, and at not sweating the small stuff.  I get bogged down in all the things I feel ought to be done and forget to have fun.  I'm trying to get better at that stuff, but I'm trying to get the laundry done too!

I am also not very good at letting things go.  I will always try to be polite, but I may never forgive.  This drives my husband mad, especially when I bring up something that happened when I was 20, again.  Sometimes you need to stop prodding a wound (not sure I can quite let it go though).

What about you?  What has your experience of life taught you?  Any life lessons?  And, what are you yet to learn?

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