Friday, 31 January 2014

eating our last meal

Have you seen the series of photographs by artist, Henry Hargreaves entitled No Seconds?  You'll find it here.  In it he documents not only the last meals ordered by inmates of various Death Rows, but also the names, ages, locations, and the crimes that the people who ordered them were convicted of.  Sometimes he even notes where the convictions have since been questioned.

I can't put any of Henry's images on this post, but you can see them on his website.

I thought that the death penalty was wrong before I saw Henry's pictures.  Now I'm sure of it.  Sometimes it might seem like the only sensible solution, like a person is so maladapted they cannot turn around, but maybe that's just because we've not worked out how to help them yet.

Anyhow, most of the meals that get ordered as last meals for people on death row, don't actually get eaten.  There's something about knowing you're going to get killed in the morning that diminishes a person's appetite.  Also, quite often, people order way too much food.  And who would begrudge them that?

Well, actually, the state of Texas.

spanokopita by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
You'll find his recipe here
Not all American states have the death penalty, and of those that do, some are much happier to use it than others.  Texas has used the death penalty about five times as much as anywhere else, and they now only use lethal injection (which has lots of issues, as they're having trouble getting the stuff they inject, so using other things, which are slower to work).  Texas got fed up of people ordering lots of food and not eating it, so they now just provide whatever the prison meal for the last day is, no
Recipe for this baby is from The Crazy Kitchen
special requests.

I am hoping that my last meal is mushed up and fed to me by a kindly carer, but if I should happen to end up on death row (through some horrible miscarriage of justice naturally), and I wasn't in Texas, then what would I want?

I'm thinking spanokopita with a really nice fresh salad (no tomatoes), and a millionaires cheesecake for desert.  I'd like caffeine free diet coke on the side of that please.

What would you have?

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