Thursday, 9 January 2014

living our last day

Hello!  For us, we've had a couple of days without constant rain, and, for me, I've had a whole day without constant pain (rubbish sinuses, marvellous doctor), so things are looking good in the world.

I'm glad I have got past being stuck on Fat Mum Slim's list of 50 things to blog about (yesterday I finally posted on my bad habit - hoiking my tights up).  It's making me feel inspired to carry on down the list, and the next title is:

If you only had one day to live, how you’d spend it

I've been thinking about it, and I am pretty sure the answer is... 

it depends

Why have I only got one day to live?  If I've been in some horrible accident and they're going to turn the life support off in 24 hours, then I guess I'm staying in my bed.

If I'm on death row and all pleas have failed, then I guess I'm rocking my orange jumpsuit and eating peanut butter cheesecake.

But what if it's some sort of Armageddonal event?  

Perhaps North Korea has finally had enough and decided to nuke us?  I suspect we wouldn't know about this.  I suspect that the government would quietly gather their families and head into the bunkers, and show re-runs of Parliamentary Questions, in the hopes that we wouldn't notice.  No point in stirring up uneccesary panic is there?

Perhaps a very big meteor is heading toward the Earth?  We probably would know about this, just as we would probably know about some sort of horrible pandemic, or even a zombie apocalypse, so what would I do?

Part of me would be wanting to watch the cults mass suicides, the politicians coming out parties, the crazed store looting (which I'm sure would happen), and all the rest of the craziness unfold on some 24 hour news channel, but I might just let someone else do that, and follow my phone's chirruping to see what's happening on Facebook.  No doubt The Guardian would have a live feed on it all.

But mostly, I would be thinking that the thing to do in apocalyptic events, is to head North.  I would grab some clothes and important toys, grab the cat and lots of food, and I would bundle everybody in the car, and head to the Highlands.  I've got family up there, so I'd go for them first, but I'd take my time over it, enjoy the journey.
What the English will be seeing

I'd leave my own house unlocked for all the English people who were fleeing England, and heading to higher ground, and I'd hope that those in the Highlands would do the same (if they're not staying put - I don't know what Highlanders do in the event of an apocalypse).

I don't know why people always seem to head North for an apocalypse, but my theory is that at least, if nothing can be done about it, and we do all indeed die tomorrow, at least the view will be good.

Heading North, we'll Rest and be Thankful
 What would you do if the end was nigh?  Would you be heading North too?

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And remember, if you are taking your family North to avoid the zombie apocalypse, do leave your house unlocked for Southerners.  Thank you.