Thursday, 27 February 2014

atheist and Scorpio

I am one of those people who annoy religious types.  I am not just an atheist.  I am an atheist who objects to people talking about religion as if it were true.

My kids go to school in Scotland, where the schools which are not Catholic call themselves non-faith schools, and yet they get taught about Diwali in the context of what 'they' do, and about Christmas in the context of what 'we' do.  They get taught the Christian nativity story as if it were history.  

I am happy for my children to be taught about religion.  Religion is incredibly important in our country, and around the world.  They need to know about religion so that they can understand where lots of other ideas have come from, and so I can help explain to them why some nasty people in my town think it's wrong that gay people should get married.  Although to be honest, I'm not sure that their Christianity really helps to explain their homophobia.

They can even choose to believe in it if they want.  I mean, they're kids, they need stories to explain the world, and to keep a bit of magic in it.  They're not old enough or wise enough to understand the real magic that's in the world.

I don't have anything against people who are believers.  I know some really good people who are Christians, and whose faith motivates them to do great things with their lives.  However, faith is not necessary to do good, and faith can be used for ill, and when it comes right down to it, I do not believe in any gods.

I believe in Santa though, obviously.

I believe in science, and reason, and I believe in the value of research and the scientific method.  That said, I believe there is a whole lot of stuff we don't know yet, and there is bound to be things that we are wrong about.  For example, I would have dismissed as disgusting nonsense the idea of faecal transplants a few years ago - on a par with drinking your own pee for the health benefits, but someone with a more open mind than I has been researching it, and finding benefits.  Awesome.

My Dad sent me something he'd photocopied from a very old book a while ago.  It was about the zodiac, but described by someone who believed in it, but didn't want to seem at all witchy.  I was reading it, and was caught by my husband (he's a scientist, and an agnostic by the way) who said 'you don't believe in that stuff do you?'.  'No!' said I, because I see no reason why astrology should be true.

And yet it speaks to me.  I keep thinking that maybe it is true, but we just haven't found the real reason for it yet.  Maybe it isn't true, but I'm ascribing meaning to it.

Either way, I do feel that my star sign describes me well.  I don't read my horoscope anymore though.

There's a little description of the Scorpio for you.  I've taken it on a lovely blog The Domestic Yogi - she's written a lovely post on dealing with Scorpio children, but it's useful for anyone with a Scorpio in their lives (or just a grumpy person).  You'll find it here.  She is way more zen than I could ever be.

What about you?  Are you religious?  What do you think of faith teaching in schools?  And, what are your thoughts on your star sign?  Am I the only one thinking this post is a bit random?!

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