Wednesday, 5 February 2014

making crispy cakes

I've done a blog post on making crispy cakes before, but I'm going to delete it and replace it with this one, because we have found a recipe which is the absolute dogs when it comes to crispy cakes... this recipe (based on this one from BBC Good Food) needs less chocolate, and results in tastier cakes!  Result!

But enough chat.  Let's make these things!

The ingredients you'll need are:

50g butter/margarine

100g milk/dark chocolate in chunks (you can use white chocolate, but then you need to use Rice Crispies, and make in small cases - they're then called Squirrel Brains (as patented by Ms Jakii Milne))
3tbsp golden syrup
100g Cornflakes/Rice crispies or another cereal if you fancy it.  Shredded Wheat are fun.
1 tube of Smarties, or other sweeties - optional
Get ready to cook - tie hair back, don your apron (it doesn't have to match your tablecloth), roll up sleeves, and wash your hands.
Do your prep - get your bun cases ready (you'll only need about 12).  You can use paper, but we like to use our silicon cases for crispy cakes.
Measure your cereal (and some raisins too if you fancy them) into a big bowl.
Gently melt the chocolate with the butter and syrup over a low heat.
When the chocolate mixture has melted mix it in with the cereal.
Spoon the mixture into the bun cases - we find it easier to do this with a metal spoon.  
Then you can add smarties, or chocolate eggs, or whatever you like to the tops.

As you can see, the little girl has been doing some quality control.
Leave your cakes to set...
...while you're waiting, you can make a start on cleaning up
The cakes will be ready in a few hours - quicker if you pop them in the fridge, and then they're great for pud, or to stick in a lunch bag for a treat.

Yummy (these ones were made with white choc, rice crispies, coco pops, and smarties)

There are so many ways you can make crispy cakes - this is our favourite (at the moment).  What's yours?

This post is inspired by Fat Mum Slim's post on 50 things to blog about.  The full list of posts inspired by the list can be found here. I've created a list of 50 more things to blog about, and you can find that here.