Sunday, 9 February 2014

moaning about TV and internet provision

A year ago we'd just moved to seaside town and were having lots of trouble getting any TV and internet provision.  I wrote a grumpy blog post about the trouble we were having with Talk Talk.  Well it turned out that Talk Talk were incapable of providing that service, so we've switched to BT.

I don't regret not going with Talk Talk.  They were rubbish.  But BT are pretty rubbish too.

Big Love - great TV drama with polygamy
We don't have a lot of choice to tell the truth, not being in the city, you get the internet provider you can, but internet speed is woeful, and the TV package we can get on YouView is awful.  We had BT Vision before and got much better provision, although I think that's gone downhill now too.  I miss Big Love and True Blood, instead I've got lots of rubbish.

It seems that the series I really want to watch are all on Sky Atlantic, and I can only get that with Sky!  If only I could get Sky without one of those nasty chav-badge satellite dishes.  I might have to go for it anyway, to get my fix of shows like Game of Thrones and The Borgias.  By the way, Season 4 of Game of Thrones is coming soon.  Here's the trailer.  I am soooooo excited.

Back to moaning: what is it with BBC iPlayer and all the blooming buffering?  Why is it the only on demand player that can't seem to remember where you left off watching?  The number of times that that little annoying circle comes up on the screen, often signalling an impending crash.  Meh.

Anyway, I said I was going to moan about the internet, and so I shall.  BT keep telling us that our internet is fine, and yet we find that it comes and goes and is never very fast.  Uploading stuff is time consuming and rather hit and miss, and sometimes the internet doesn't work at all.  Grump.  Maybe it doesn't matter which service provider we use - maybe this is what one should expect if we don't live in a city.

I don't know whether to give up on BT and switch to Sky or just expect rubbish.  What do you think?  What's your internet service like?  And your TV?  Who do you use?  And do you live outwith a city?

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