Saturday, 1 February 2014

wrong (inspired by Goodbye Pert Breasts)

Have you read Ben Wakeling's blog, Goodbye Pert Breasts

Thanks to Ben Wakeling for
permission to use this picture
Despite the name (suggested by his wife, apparently), it's a great blog, a wry look at life from the perspective of a young dad.  The thing that hooked me into it? His fantastic take on the heartthrobs of CBeebies. He has made the phrase 'meet the veggies' seem permanently dirty in my eyes!

But this morning I read a blog post of his that really annoyed me.  You'll find it here.

He was talking about the temper on his young daughter, and how he'd been warned that girls had tempers on them, and he was coming to see that it was true.

Firstly this annoyed me because it's nonsense to generalise across whole genders, but secondly because surely everyone know that at an early age boys have worse tempers than girls, whose stroppiness kicks in later.

Did you see what I did there?

Doesn't it annoy you when you criticise someone for something and then do the self same thing?

The truth, of course, is that children are people and people are different. Boys might tend to be more boisterous, and girls more arty, or they might not.  Parents are people too, and people like to generalise, because it makes for good conversation.

My boy has always been very boisterous and, well, flaily. He's forever accidentally kicking people and breaking things. My big girl on the other hand is great at playing quietly by herself, and offers to help tidy up! When the sonographer told me I was having another girl I was expecting another calm and composed young lady. What I got was a very bouncy strong-willed girl who breaks stuff, is loud, and enjoys stripping off if we need to get somewhere fast (sadly she is not hiding a superhero outfit). People often call her a 'character'.

As for tempers, well my son always follows the path of most resistance, the little girl is the mistress of the cry/laugh as she is easily distracted, and the big girl? If she says no, that's what she means and there's no point in wasting your breath further.

They're all people, and they're all fab.

If you've got children what are their tempers like?  And do you think boys are grumpier than girls, or vice versa?

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