Monday, 3 March 2014

Circles: A poetry post about Social Media

I've come across a few other blogs recently which have audio for the poems they share, which I absolutely love, because to me it gives a much better idea of the feel of the poem, so I thought I'd give it a go myself. I'm trying to do more spoken word stuff, sharing my poetry with an audience, which is daunting, but all good I'm hoping. I thought I'd start with this one, a previous version of which got me second place in a local poetry competition (I'm still hoping to get the trophy one day). 

This did actually happen to me, although some names have been changed to protect the 'innocent', or possibly just to rhyme.

This is very much BETA, so do let me know if it doesn't work! If it does work, and you fancy a go, this is from Vocaroo. If it doesn't work, you should get it here.

Circles - A Poem about Google+

I've been Google+ing a while now,
but have an admission to make:
I really don't know what I'm doing,
and seem to have made a mistake.

I've got lots of folk in my circles,
a few are in family or friends.
But in the acquaintances bracket,
it seems that the list never ends.

I don't know who these people are though,
they are not acquainted with me.
So I'm looking now at their profiles,
to see who on earth they might be.

I've worked out a men's dress designer, 
some writers, a woman called Eve,
an editor, and a cartoonist,
are all friends of my good mate, Steve!

I found some cool Icelandic artists,
musicians from the Isle of Man:
it seems, what they all have in common,
is knowing my ex-husband, Dan.

I feel I have finally cracked it.
I've worked out where I have gone wrong.
I've +1‘d their circles in my own,
and gained a friend list that's too long.

So now I am happily culling.
Goodbye! to Rebekah afar.
I'll not miss your feed from my circles,
For I have not a clue who you are.

© Cara L McKee 14/5/16

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