Wednesday, 26 March 2014

happy for 100 days: days 11 to 20

Ever since I started this challenge I've had Pharrell William's Happy running through my head.

The video features lots of dance walking, which is a thing right now. Honestly, Google it.

So now whenever I think of the word 'happy' I envisage our choir singing an a cappella version of Happy while dance walking along the front at Largs. Do you think I should suggest it?

I'm enjoying finding the happy moments every day. It's making some days shine a little brighter, and on harder days it's good to find a reason to be happy. Even if it's not a big reason, it's a tiny little sparkle right there.

If you fancy taking part in #100happydays you can find out more here.

What's been making you happy lately?

On day 11 I was very glum, but my littlest gave me a happy moment by offering to share her biscuit to cheer me up. I'm a very lucky mummy, but I didn't take it.
Day 12 saw the performance of Rose's play at my writing group. It was great fun.
Day 13. Having got a new type of pain to go with the other one my doctor sent me to the dentist. He removed a troublesome tooth with minimal stress and made me a lot happi.
Day 14. Tried feeding the children something different and got the thumbs up! Result!
The children all snuggle in with me for a bit before breakfast in the morning. It makes me happy. Day 15
Day 16 was another low day, but I did take a moment to appreciate all the stuff my husband does for us, like lifting the dolls house he painted up into the loft he floored. He's also smart, funny and fab. I'm very lucky.
Day 17 was our 10 th wedding anniversary. We're celebrating later in the year, but still had a happy day.
Day 18. I've been trying to say 'yes' more this year, so I signed the family up to run a mile for sport relief. It was a gorgeous day, and we did run a little bit, but this young lady stayed with me the whole way, encouraging me, and making the experience better. I love hanging out with her, she's what a best friend should be, and I'm so lucky to be her mum. Oh, and we did it! 
Day 19 was the day I finally admitted it was spring. So happy to see the back of winter.
On day 20 I hadn't realised how stressed I was about the possible causes of the pain until I felt the relief after my appointment.  I've been diagnosed with an atypical neuralgia, and while it might happen again it should be easier treated if it does, and there's nothing scary going on, so lots to be happy about.
What's the take home message here? Seems to me there's one thing uniting all these pics. They're the square snaps of Instagram. I'm getting to love it. If you're on Instagram you can find me there at ohwedo.

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