Sunday, 27 April 2014

doing the garden: day 2

I wasn't expecting another garden update so soon, but we've had so much progress today!  We had fabulous help in the form of Kenny's cousin, who is an archeologist, so if anyone knows about digging it's her.

She told us how to look after our rolls of turf so it'll be good to put back down afterwards (you need to water it).

We also learned that you don't dig archeological digs in the rain, because it messes up the archeology.  Best to just get out until it's dry.  I think the same must surely be true of gardening?  Kenny and Steph did a lot of digging today, and piled all the topsoil up on a handy tarpaulin, so we can keep it as topsoil.  

The subsoil (which is the soil under the topsoil - the stuff that's not much good) is being used to fill in the space behind the turf wall which was started yesterday, and finished today.  Steph helped to move a lot of earth, which Kenny broke up with a pick-axe.  The boy liked it.  It reminded him of Minecraft!  The topsoil will eventually go back down on top, to grow stuff in.

The little girl helped to stomp on the subsoil to get it to settle down a bit (pictured).

Kenny is looking pretty pleased with his efforts, and so he should!  He's dug down through horrible soil to patio level, and everything else is coming together nicely.  Result.

There's lots more work to do, but we've had a pretty smashing weekend of it this weekend.  Let's hope we keep up the good work!

What have you done with your weekend?
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