Saturday, 26 April 2014

doing the garden

I'm not sure that this is a good plan, but we've started doing the garden anyway.

We've had a good look at Pinterest for inspiration, took lots of measurements and ignored them, and chosen to press ahead without any materials.  This is doing things Kenny style, and I'm going along with it, because doing things Cara style involves discussing things a lot, and very little actually happening.

We're going to make a patio area.  Kenny started work yesterday, by staking out where the patio is going to be, and then removing the turf from the patio area.

After spending the afternoon digging up the garden, he went for a run in torrential rain and wind.  Because he's bonkers.

Today I removed the existing planting in the area that's now going to be the patio, and Kenny and his Dad set to work removing more turf (but rolling it up this time) and making a wall out of the turf that Kenny removed yesterday.

Apparently golf courses use walls made of upside-down turf to create the contours of their courses, and Kenny's using the wall of turf to build up the upper level of the garden.  The soil that gets dug out of the patio area will fill in the upper level to smooth it out, and then the rolls of turf will be rolled back over it, et voila!

Then we'll put some sort of retaining wall in, to keep it all up there.

Kenny and his Dad have also sawn a great big hole in the fence, to aid ingress of materials.  Apparently, we're going to make the bit of fence into a gate, and there's a way to do that on a slope.  I'm learning lots here.

It's all a bit muddy and nebulous at the moment, but I have high hopes.

As I said, we hit Pinterest to get inspiration for the garden, and we're thinking of doing something a bit like this, except nowhere near as fancy.

We'd also like a sandpit, a petanque pit, a built in slide, lots of plants, a tree or maybe three, and an end to our drainage issues.  We might not get all the things on the list, but it's nice to have made a start.

What's your garden like?  Less muddy than mine I'm hoping.  What would you have in it if you could have anything?

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