Friday, 4 April 2014

happy for 100 days: days 21 to 30

So tell me, are you feeling like a room without a roof?

To tell the truth I've not been feeling too happy of late.  Chicken pox, and bad weather have conspired to keep me stuck in the house.  Choir is on holiday, and I couldn't get to Writing Group.  Meh.

Still, I suppose if we were happy all of the time we'd be bonkers.  It's good to be mindful of the happy moments in our days.  And to share them too.

If you fancy taking part in #100happydays you can find out more here.

What's been making you happy lately?  

Personally, I'm thrilled to bits that the Easter holidays are finally here.  I intend to enjoy them.  Some warmth would be nice, weather gods.  

Here are days 21-30 (they're all in my Instagram feed too).

Our lovely cat, Katsuma, decided he didn't want to come in at night, and was shown who was boss by another cat in the neighbourhood.  It wasn't Katsuma.  He's been recovering from some nasty injuries and infections, but on Day 21 he's finally feeling a bit more himself.
Nowhere near warm yet, but dry enough on Day 22 for the kids to get on the trampoline for the first time in ages!  Smiles all 'round.
Day 23 and the little girl (as well as 18 other people at her nursery) was struck down with chicken pox!  Happily, she's not been too ill with it, and we had lots of fun building castles.
Day 24 saw a baking marathon in preparation for Mother's Day.  It was so nice to have a willing helper, who offered to wash up!  I'm being happy about it, because it may never happen again.
Don't you just love a homemade card?  I got spoilt on Mother's Day (Day 25) and had a really lovely day.  Not only did I have a long lie, but I managed to fall asleep on a reclining chair in the afternoon.  Bliss.
I had wanted a take-out mushroom foo yung on Mother's Day, but plans changed and I didn't get one.  My fab husband made up for it on Day 26, and it was delicious.
Things were getting pretty boring with chicken-pox-girl by Day 27, so we had fun taking duck-face-selfies
Day 28 was Parent's Evening at the big kids' drama class.  I went along and had a lot of fun trying not to laugh (and failing), and hearing the song they had composed about Captain Fart (He farted this way, that way, forwards and backwards, over the Irish Sea.  A vast behind!  Is all you need to sail a ship like me.)  Love it.
Chicken-pox-girl was better by Day 29, and went back to nursery.  It was such a joy to return to my 9.07am morning ritual after taking everyone to school of turning off the music they've been listening to, and turning on Radio 4.  This morning it was In Our Time on phases.  Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it.
I've been sooooo grumpy today, but the little girl decided to take me and my grump for a walk and the cat came too.  He's not gone out much since he got hurt, and he was obviously a bit scared, but the little girl kept stroking him and helping him feel braver.  So lucky to have him in our family.  Her kindness and care, and my brave little cat, as well as a good dose of fresh air have made me less grumpy, more happy.

So what have you been doing lately?

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