Wednesday, 16 April 2014

happy for 100 days: days 31 to 40

Did you see that clip of Pharrell that's been doing the rounds on Facebook lately?  He was on Oprah, talking about how people from all over the world have made video's of themselves dancing to 'Happy'.  It made him cry, bless him... it could nearly make me forgive him for writing Blurred Lines.  Nearly, but not.  'Happy' is a great song.

It's the Easter holidays for us, and we've been on holiday.  The sun has got his hat on, and there are lots of things for us to be happy about.  Here are just a few of them, from days 31-40 (they're all in my Instagram feed too).  What's been making you happy lately?

If you fancy taking part in #100happydays you can find out more here. I'm sorry all the pictures have disappeared out of these posts. You can view them, and lots more on my Instagram account (link in the sidebar).

The book challenge
Words at 15/4/14 - 73,000.  
21,000 words done since the challenge began, 5000 so far this month.
Where I'm at in First Draft - middle of Chapter 14.
What I did last - explaining the rings on the fingers of one of my more awesome characters.