Tuesday, 15 April 2014

singing along with women: the seven ages of me in songs by women!

My last post was on the songs I could use as the soundtrack of the seven ages of me, so far. I messed up though, I only had songs by men. In an effort to both put that right, today I'm doing the same thing, but only with songs by women (I'm losing the term 'by' loosely here).

My Mum and I, camping in knitted jumpers.

My Mum is great at singing along with stuff. She'll sing along with anything. Actually knowing the lyrics is not required. This song was my favourite to sing with her in the car, because of the harmonies. Chapel of love by The Dixie Cups.


As a hormone riddled teen my music choices mainly involved men with long hair and eyeliner, but I was also mad about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and this song (written by Richard O'Brien but sung by both him and Susan Sarandon) was one of my favourites, and I still sing it today.  I made lots of friends singing along with this film.  The song is, There's a Light.


I explained yesterday that I had an odd couple of years between school and university.  During that time I'd bought the album Blue, by Joni Mitchell, mainly because it reminded me of my Mum.  I would listen to it (and sing along, of course), when I was feeling low.  Little Green, about the beautiful mess Joni Mitchell made in her own life, was one of my favourites (and I'm so glad it worked out OK in the end).


I really grew into myself at University.  I loved it.  I also loved my music.  I had a big thing for Rosetta Stone, Depeche Mode, Japan, and Voice of the Beehive, while I was there.  But for today's post, I'm sharing the song I sang when I was in the RAG week blind date, by one of my favourite bands to sing along with.  Shakespeare's Sister's Stay.  I love it.  See that one on the stairs?  That's me that is (not).


Not sure anyone is happy with the title of this category!  I guess it just means that period of time when you're putting yourself into possible relationships, which mainly fail.  It hurts quite often, but it can be fun too.  Apparently people in this phase of their lives have less sex than married people.  Hmm.  Here's a great song which I have cried to (but I can't sing along with it).  Weak, by Skunk Anansie.


So excited that I get to pick this song, because it's totally awesome, and it fits perfectly here.  I love me a bit of Country, and this Dolly Parton song is just perfectly fitting for all those awful admin jobs, and indeed, more highly qualified positions.  Plans thwarted by rubbish bosses, and being part of the employment mill.  Sing it, Dolly.


There's nothing quite like motherhood to highlight the differences between men and women, and their roles in the family.  I am very happy that we have me to focus on the family, while my husband earns.  I had the necessary equipment in the early days, and now he earns more than I could, so it makes sense.  But some days, when my daughter has hidden her socks because we need to leave the house, when my son is refusing to do anything other than nag me to give him more screen time, when there is more laundry than you could shake a stick at and also homework and cleaning, and arguments and all the rest of it, well then this song comes to mind.  Running up that Hill by Kate Bush.

I'm wondering what your seven songs are?  Assuming you're around ages with me, here are your categories:  child, teen, youth, student, lover, worker, parent/partner.  Please share.

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