Tuesday, 20 May 2014

doing the garden - step by step

Kenny's been working like a doozer, but it's taken forever to finish the retaining wall.  Meanwhile our garden is a muddy mess, and I'm getting very little help doing the boring stuff around the house.  Grump.

Still, the wall is done now.

Now Kenny has moved on to the steps, which I'm very excited about.  I've taken inspiration from these stairs I saw at a play park.  Plus, handily we've had some old half sleepers donated to us.

Unfortunately, to put the steps in involves widening the arc of muddy mess in the garden.  Kenny has rolled back the turf where the stairs will be, and built up the turf walls to landscape it (you can see where the steps will be to the right of the garden below).

Now to get to the whirligig at the top of the garden I need to cross a bridge of sleepers (you can just make it out in the picture, to the left) over a pile of mud, while carrying a basket of laundry!  I am not good at it.

The cat is, he's very happy that we've made him loads more places to sleep, and to scratch!

Kenny has now laid the sleepers where they're going to go, and I think it looks pretty good.  I think the plan is to progress on this tomorrow, and I can't wait, because I really do suck at crossing the bridge of doom!

What do you reckon?

What about you?  Are you doing stuff in your garden this Spring?

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