Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy for 100 days: days 61 to 70

The last ten days have been interesting for this challenge.

I'm chuffed that I've not got a column in the local paper, but that has been tempered by a death in the family, and all the upheaval that creates.  The death was not unexpected, but that doesn't make it easy.  Especially for some people I really care about.

At times like that it seems irreverant to be looking for happy moments, and yet they have been there, like flowers growing through cracks in the paving, and I've come to think that those happy moments are not just inevitable, they are necessary.  We need to laugh sometimes, even if it isn't appropriate.  Perhaps because it isn't.

Have you ever laughed at a particularly bad moment?

If you fancy taking part in #100happydays you can find out more here.  Here are my last ten days.

On day 61 we went to Newark Castle in Port Glasgow.  It's a very lovely old castle, well cared for by Scottish Heritage, and fabulously surrounded by all the gubbins of a busy port.  It comes complete with a Roose Bolton esque Lord, although I thought they could have made more of that story.
On day 62 I wouldn't let Granny help in the kitchen, so she went and played Need for Speed with the boy.  She was hilariously bad at it.  Nearly as bad as me!
Day 63.  Having a giggle with the children.
Day 64, and considering the instability of the earth I'm very glad that the retaining wall is going in.  These two are doing a great job.
Day 65, and I'm admiring my little girl's dress sense.
Day 66: My girls drive each other crazy at times, but they love each other to bits.  Seeing this cuddle made me happy.
The big girl wanted to take the picture for day 67, and I was happy to show her how... Think I should probably show her how to clean her mirror too.
More of the big girl for day 68.  A pic with her friends, getting ready for Rainbows.  The high point of the week for these girls.
On day 69 we went into town and sang 'Hey, Mr Spaceman' at the spaceman.
On day 70 we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, with pancakes by Daddy! 
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The book challenge
Words at 20/5/14 - 78,500 (please note that his has dropped because of reallocating some stuff to another book).  
39,000 words done since the challenge began, 8,500 so far this month.
Where I'm at in First Draft - Chapter 19.
What I did last - Memories of another wedding.