Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tired and emotional

I'm shattered today.

The little girl had a bad night, so I didn't get to sleep until half one. Then the boy misread his clock and came through to discuss Minecraft with me at half five. Kenny kindly offered me a long lie, but I couldn't sleep for some noisy children. The cat didn't help either. Grump.

It's been making me think of Margaret Thatcher's claim that she only slept four hours a night. Surely that can't have been true? Or does the amount of sleep someone needs vary hugely between different people?

I need more than four hours sleep. I've been feeling like a zombie and staring at stuff all day, which would be alright except I've been to my first purvey today.

A purvey is a Scots word referring to the food and drink provided after a funeral. Apparently sausage rolls are traditional.  The purvey (pronounced purvi) comes after the funeral service and burial. It means 'provide' and a light buffet is expected. It's more formal than most of the wakes I've been to, and Scots consider it to be more sociable.  I haven't been to enough wakes or purveys to comment on that.

Today's was a good do.  It was a send off for my Auntie in law, who was quite the character, and who died too young, after a long illness.  I particularly liked the non-religious service. I was too tired for the purvey though. I was worrying about the children's high spirits, and about the spirits K was consuming (not much, and it didn't matter, but it did, to me, in my unreasonable state). I was sick of people asking me when I'm going back to work, even though it only happened twice. It was nice to see lots of people, but difficult in the circumstances. Mostly I'm just so tired. 

Afterwards we continued being sociable. Of course we did, it was the right thing to do, and we wanted to.  However, I was dreaming of my bed and often on the verge of tears and I just want this day to be done.

How do you manage on not enough sleep? And was Thatcher's lack of sleep:
     a) a fib, or 
     b) the reason for Thatcherism?

In other news, I am now a columnist.  My first of a regular weekly column in my local paper came out today.  Soon after the paper came out I got a text from a friend saying "You're famous!"  I need to write weekly columns of seasonally relevant content for the column.  Any suggestions for things you'd want to read?

The book challenge
Words at 9/5/14 - 76,000 (please note that his has dropped because of reallocating some stuff to another book).  
36,500 words done since the challenge began, 6,000 so far this month.
Where I'm at in First Draft - Chapter 18.
What I did last - Explaining the story of the first book to a family friend, made me feel there might be something missing.